Our trip to the Lakes - day two.


Day one - here!

On our second full day in the Lakes I was having a rare "good health day" so we made plans to get out and about to see some more sights. After a trip to the bakery next door for brekkie and a potter round the village with Lily and Lola we wrapped up warm and headed out.

First stop was Hawkshead, home to the Beatrix Potter museum and narrow streets full of beautiful old houses and shops. We went in all the gift shops and I wanted to buy all the Peter Rabbit things for myself my niece. She knew what she was doing, Beatrix P, didn't she! Genius.

After a spot of lunch, and a rest in the car while a light shower passed overhead, we went to Tarn Hows for a walk. My eyes couldn't quite take in how beautiful the surroundings were. Stunning! With the snow covered mountains in the background and the shimmering water reflecting the trees even a complete photo-taking amateur like me couldn't fail!

We did the 1 3/4 mile walk round the waters edge, stopping to take photos and towards the end stopping to rest my weary legs as I was starting to flag at this point. Totally worth it for these views though.

After two days of exploring I think all the fresh air and cold temperatures got to me as I started to feel unwell with swollen tonsils and blocked sinuses that evening. We decided to spend the rest of our trip taking it easy (and going back and forth to the chemist!)

I hope we can go back when the weather is warmer and when my health/energy levels are back up to normal. We all had such a lovely time, the puggies included, so it would be nice to go back and be able to enjoy it fully.

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  1. Wow, it just looks amazingly beautiful. I love the photo of you facing away, it's just so lovely xx

  2. The views around the lake are amazing!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. The views were super pretty. I can't wait to go back!