My nose piercing story and advice.


I got my nose pierced last year (May to be precise) after umm-ing and ahh-ing about it for ages. With lots of changes going on in my life I felt like I was finding myself more and more as time went on (as cheesy as that sounds!) and I felt like part of that change was to bite the bullet and get the piercing that I wanted so badly.

With my big sister holding my hand I went for it and got it done at a tattoo/piercing shop over on the Isle of Man while I was visiting her. We did our research and found lots of positive reviews for the shop in question so we had a walk across town to have a nosy.

I thought I would do a blog post about my experience because I had so.many.damn.problems with my piercing for the first 4 - 5 months. I have always been fairly good at healing and didn't have any problems with my ear piercings when I was younger but my nose was a different kettle of fish. At one point I felt like it would never heal, especially on the day where luminous pus was flowing out of it *sorry if you're eating at this moment in time*..

So here it is, a bit of advice if you're having problems with your nose piercing. If you're thinking about getting it done please don't let this post put you off. Even after the problems I encountered I don't regret having it done, I love it! It was definitely worth the hassle.

- Everyone heals at different speeds so don't worry if your piercing hasn't healed in the time the shop stated it would. I messed with my piercing far too much when I first got it and it took 5 months for it to fully heal and to stop getting infected, whereas I have seen other people changing their studs regularly after just a couple of weeks. You will know best if it feels/looks healed. If it doesn't just leave it be until it is. Be patient!

- If you get a lump next to your stud, like I did, pop to a local piercing shop to get professional advice. I googled what my lump was, doing a spot of self-diagnoses, but I got it completely wrong so all the treatments I tried didn't work. When I got a pro to look at it they told me it was a build up of fluid and that I should compress it using boiled water on cotton wool. Once I started doing that it worked a treat! Before that I had tried things like tea tree oil and aspirin paste with no luck.

- Keep it clean but don't over clean it. I would clean mine in one of two ways. The quick way was simply dipping a cotton bud stick into boiled water with rock salt then cleaning the inside and outside of my nose. Or I would pop some boiled water with rock salt in a small bowl and, once the water had cooled enough, submerge my nose in it. I found this reduced the swelling on the inside of my nostril as well as cleaning the outside. At one point I was doing this cleaning routine far too often as I was obsessed with getting it to heal. Once I had found a happy medium with the cleaning malarkey things looked and felt much better.

- Don't touch it with dirty hands. My sister will laugh at this one as she was always telling me off for twizzling my stud without washing my hands first, but it's easily done when you don't realise you're doing it.

- Once it has healed and you want to change the stud but you don't feel confident doing so, go to a professional who will sort it for you.

- When it's new and you're not used to it being there try to be conscious of it when pulling clothes over your head, or wearing a scarf that could get caught in it, or picking your nose ;) I knocked mine a few times in the early days, forgetting it was there. I felt like I would never get used to having a nose piercing but now I don't even think about it! I forget it's there most of the time.

- Enjoy it :) 

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  1. My nose was the one piercing I had no trouble healing! Considering I was blind drunk and reckless when I got it done I'm quite amazed!

  2. Thats too bad that yours took such a long time to heal! I`m always thinking about getting my nose pierced. I think I just might go for it in the summer!

    Lose the Road

  3. I got mine pierced in April last year, but took it out about 8 weeks later. Mine wasn't healing well and I was starting to get that bump. I'm sure it didn't heal because I kept pulling it half out while washing my face or putting a jumper on ughh

  4. Thanks so much for this post! I have been thinking about it a lot lately! My husband says I'm too old, I'm only 29! But I have had my eyebrow, labret, tragus, belly and tops of my ears done and NONE of them healed properly!! I got the lump of doom on my tragus I think my body just hates them! :-D xx

  5. I love the stud you are wearing in the first picture. I saw a similar one at The price seems reasonable too. Can you please check out once and advice if I should buy it or not? This would be my first change after the 2 months old piercing and I do not want to take any risk.