5 good things (moving in and moving on!)


I just worked out that, after living in the same house from birth to being roughly 24 years old, I have moved ten times. TEN TIMES. Ten times in 6 years is quite frankly ridiculous. It's no wonder I always feel unsettled and anxious! No wonder at all. I am ready for this new start, ready to get nice and settled with Lily and Lola, and ready to make lots of new memories with Paul, who really is the bees knees. 

I love writing 5 good things posts so here's one for your viewing pleasure! Let me know if you do these posts, I'd love to have a nosy. 

1) Yesterday the tenancy on my flat ended and I handed my keys back. I got confirmation that I would get my full bond back (see - having dogs in a rental property isn't so bad is it! Hmppff!) and I spent the day sorting out all my bills and whatnot. It is such a huge relief to have my belongings moved and to be living in one place, as opposed to hopping between Paul's house and my flat (and him doing the same!) I am really excited to be living with Paul, it feels like home already.
2) A trip to IKEA on Sunday for new furniture! (and meatballs!) 
3) A spot of pampering. Yesterday I toddled off to The Salon on Ecclesall Road (Sheffield) for a microdermabrasion facial as they're amazing for my acne scarring and I felt like I deserved a treat. The treatment was great - I just wish I had booked in for more! I left feeling relaxed and promised myself I would do it more often. 

4) A clean bill of health for the Puggies. They had their boosters last week and apart from dodgy eyesight and Lily's poorly paw they are doing well for their age! They are turning into old ladies now but I can't think about that too much..! 
5) Blog plans. It has been difficult to blog over the past year or so, with everything going on and no fixed abode, so now that things are settling down I plan to blog a LOT more. We have a lot of plans over the next few months and I plan to share it all with you guys. 

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  1. A lovely post. I've always loved these and I used to do similar on my old beauty blog years ago.

  2. Ah hope you feel better soon! Glad your move went ok - can't imagine it was very fun!
    A Story of a Girl

  3. Oh my goodness moving that many times in a year can't be fun ! Hope you feel better soon
    Distant Dreamer

  4. Enjoy your home, and I hope you begin to feel better soon! x

  5. Hope you feel better soon! I absolutely hate moving house and can't imagine ever having to do it again! x

  6. Glad things are falling into line sweetie :) x