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I'm a massive fan of Instagram, I love having a place to store all of my favourite photos (and sticking a flattering filter over my mug is always a bonus) so when Cheerz got in touch with me about personalised products using Instagram photos (or indeed photos stored anywhere else, Facebook, your computer, etc) I was all ears!

I was lucky enough to be treated to a couple of things. I spent ages debating on what to try as they have a really good range of products. I love the La Boite a Photos box which comes with string, wooden pegs and photo corners for making displays to pop up around your home or desk. I think this would make a pretty fabulous gift or a neat idea for decorating a wedding venue. 

The great thing about the website is the potential for buying gifts. For only £7.45 you can buy a box of 9 magnets for a friend using photos from their Instagram account. It's such a simple and cheap way of giving someone a really thoughtful gift. In the end I opted for a set of 9 magnets for myself, the only problem was narrowing it down to 9 photos when you take a gazillion photos of your dogs!

I am really pleased with the magnets which arrived in a display box along with a couple of freebies. I also ordered a square frame containing 4 prints (but you can also get larger frames with more photos). I wish my originals had been slightly better quality (that's what you get for taking only iPhone snaps on holiday) but it's still a lovely addition to the house and a sweet keepsake from our first holiday together. 

I will definitely order something from Cheerz in the near future. It's a complete doddle to use, the prices and P&P are reasonable and there's a good range of products to choose from.
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  1. This is such a good idea! I love the magnets, they'd make a fab gift like you say x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic