Life lately (Christmas preparations and cute farm animals).


I am so ruddy excited for Christmas!!! I have been quite organised with my Christmas shopping this year, with just one tricky customer to buy for, and it's all waiting in a rather large pile to be wrapped. It may have to be a 'glass of prosecco in one hand, sellotape in the other' job for a rainy day, although saying that I've only got until the 22nd as that's when my parents and I hop on the ferry to go to the Isle of Man.

Last Saturday evening we went to a concert at Sheffield City Hall to see the Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus and the Black Dyke Band and it well and truly got me in the spirit of things. They were amazing, finishing with Oh Holy Night which is my favourite Christmas song (and may have triggered a tear or two!)

I am really looking forward to a faux Christmas Day this Sunday with Paul. We're opening presents in the morning, having a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, an evening buffet and lots of lots of fizz! It's going to be great. We just need to get the Sky planner filled up with festive films to keep us occupied when we're too stuffed to move. Lily and Lola will be there too, with their little reindeer outfits on (well, Lily will, Lola may be a tad too rotund for hers these days, hehe!)

The other weekend we went to Graves Park Farm so I thought I would illustrate this festive post with lots of non festive photos in the form of us and some rather cute animals. It was such a lovely afternoon. We had a walk round the farm and the park, and stopped at the cafe for some food (pie and peas, SO yummy!) and a coffee to warm our cockles. I love doing things like this on a weekend. Something simple with someone lovely. Perfect!

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  1. This comfy outfit looks very good and the animals are so cute!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Ahh, that chubby cluster of guinea pigs! I agree - simple activities with your favourite people is the best way to spend a weekend.

    I hope you and Paul have a wonderful early Christmas - it sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!


  3. Why are the guinea pigs huddled in the corner?

    1. No idea. Probably cuddling to stay warm as it's December and all!

  4. I love Graves Farm - I got some Guinea Pigs from there a few years ago and they made the best pets!

    Caz | thisiscaz

  5. it all sounds good; wrapping takes me ages that I end up getting frustrated. I have to do it in batches to keep me sane! And, I love those jeans; they look fab and super comfy too.


  6. Love the coat! Would you mind sharing where it's from? Thank you!