Shop local (Sheffield): Cocoa Wonderland.


One of the reasons I like living in Sheffield is the array of independent shops, cafes and restaurants there are to explore. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to support local businesses instead of automatically heading to the big department stores/chains for birthday and Christmas presents, greetings cards, tea and cake, etc, and what better way to kick off this series than talking about Cocoa Wonderland.

Not only is it a delightful haven for sitting down to have a luxurious hot chocolate and piece of cake, but there's also a shop counter at the front of the store that sells truffles and chocolate bars. They have a few dairy free offerings too, including dairy free advent calendars.

I picked up a box of 12 truffles for a present. The great thing is the boxes come in different sizes so you can pick whatever suits your budget. They had rum filled penguin truffles, champagne truffles, peppermint creams, pralines, you name it! I only wish I had popped a few extra onto my order for myself!

I would be delighted to receive a box of Cocoa Wonderland truffles as a present, or alternatively a gift voucher to pop back for tea and cake and a sit down, so if any of my friends and family are reading this you know where to go! ;)

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  1. Sounds lovely!!

  2. I love Cocoa Wonderland - unfortunately I live no where near it now but any time that I'm near Ecclesall Road I always pop in! The independent shops is definitely something I love about Sheffield.

    Kathryn xx

  3. These sound so good! I need to explore more of Sheffield as there are so many independent shops and cafes!

    Caz | thisiscaz

  4. These sound so good! I live in Wakefield so its not a million miles away to try!!

  5. Such cute packaging! I went to uni with the brother of one of the owners and they came and did a chocolate tasting for us - so much fun! x

  6. This place sounds lovely! I think shopping local and independent is such a positive thing to do - it's great to support small business owners.


  7. This looks lovely - I'll have to give it a try :) I love all the independent businesses in Sheffield, such an underrated city!

    Really enjoying reading your blog. X