Olive Clothing wishlist (basic tees, a cable knit jumper and button up skirts).


I recently discovered the Olive Clothing website and it is fair to say my bank balance will never be the same again. I want to order one of EVERYTHING! I really struggle to find clothes that I like when I go shopping, and I only occasionally spot things I like online, so finding a website that's full of amazing basic tees, coats, knitwear, dresses and skirts is a dream!

I have decided from now on to only buy things that are good wardrobe basics or a good investment i.e. things that won't go out of fashion or sit in my wardrobe with the tags on, so Olive Clothing is absolutely ideal for my future shopping sprees. I have got my eye on their roll up sleeve basic tees which come in grey, wine and cream. Does anyone know what the sizing is like as they are one size, S/M? I feel a cheeky order coming on!

I would also love a cable knit jumper and their version in either cream or beige is one of the nicest I have seen. I love the way Melissa from mediamarmalade has styled her jumper, with a classic coat and jeans. I am not sure I could pull off the hat but Melissa certainly can. Perfection!

Finally, as a fan of skirts with tops tucked in, I love the button up skirts that are everywhere at the moment. I really like this navy version which I would feel more comfortable styling than say a denim one. I also think I would continue to wear it long after it's no longer considered "trendy".
Do you know of any similar clothing lines that I would like if I like this kind of thing? Leave your links below!

P.S. This post is not sponsored, I just ruddy love their clothes!
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  1. Oh no, I'm not sure I needed to know about Olive Clothing. Like you, I am trying to be more considered with what I buy for my wardrobe and this is exactly what I have been searching for!

    I'd also recommend Hush Clothing. Good quality and very simple.

    Beccy :: Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. That cable knit jumper is seriously gorgeous - love that style with skinny jeans. Its my winter go to!
    The skirts are beautiful but not so sure I could pull them off...

    I really like some of the jumpers people tree have this year - seriously cosy and ethical. Win, win!

  3. I also just discovered this website and I fell in love with it, aha!
    I want to buy everything but I just noticed that returns are not free and I didn't see review of the sizes and the quality online so I am still wondering to buy. (Plus, I'm from France so it's not exactly the same prices).
    By the way, your wishlist is really cute, I love the dresses and skirts! :)