New Paperchase baubles and Paperchase Christmas wishlist.


I ADORE Paperchase, especially at Christmas time when they bring out a whole host of delightfully kitsch Christmas decorations. I am trying to build up a collection of glass baubles and Paperchase never fail to disappoint. Last year I picked up 3 delights and I knew I would be back this year for more.

This year my new additions are delightfully tacky, but "bang on trend" ;) A pineapple, a Pug and a burger. Because who doesn't need a burger bauble?!

We were quite restrained and just picked up these 3 baubles, which Paul and I picked out together to decorate our first tree with, but we could have bought the whole shop! Although we don't live together we do plan to have a shared tree this year which we will decorate together on our "pretend Christmas day" (sadly for him he is working this Christmas and lucky for me I will be away visiting family on the Isle of Man for a week!)

If snazzy tree decorations aren't your thing then get your nostrils round their Christmas Pud candle. If you like all things kitsch then you will love this wreath, or if you're a bit more sensible with your decorations then you can't go wrong with this lovely stag wreath.

I personally am a fan of the sprout baubles and will no doubt be going back for them in the near future!

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  1. Those sprouts are so cute!

  2. Will have to check out Paperchase next time I'm in the city, such unusual decorations!

  3. Oh my! That burger ornament is perfection! Love it x

  4. These are hilarious haha =]

  5. The pug, the burger, my goodness! I absolutely adore these, Paperchase have the best stuff! x

  6. Ahh, that pug bauble is so perfect for you!

    I may have to pop into my local Paperchase for those adorable sprout baubles - who knew sprouts could be so cute?!