5 good things (first attempt at making shortbread, plans for 2016 and cheesy Christmas music).


How is everyone doing? I am absolutely over the moon about the fact I slept in till 11:30am this morning and I have a whole day of blogging, stitching, Christmas shopping and Pug cuddles ahead of me before Paul finishes work and we have a lovely cosy night in. Weekends like this are good for the soul!

Things are slowly returning to normal now that the worst of my glandular fever is over but I am still tired all the time, so for me now the weekends are about maximising sleep activity and taking it steady with everything else.

I love writing these "5 good things" posts for a bit of a positivity boost and to fill you in on what I've been up to.

1) Not all my baking attempts are successful but my recent dabble with shortbread was a winner! The recipe only uses 3 ingredients so it was a doddle plus it's a cheap and simple way to make biscuits that taste blimmin' lovely (just don't think about the amount of butter in them). I thought I would make another batch this weekend perhaps with chocolate chips in? Be warned, if you know me you may be getting a tupperware box of shortbread very soon!

2) Lots and lots of plans for 2016 to look forward to! A weekend away to a cottage in Wales with Paul and the Pugs in January, going to the theatre to see Hairspray for my birthday in February, tickets for Busted's Sheffield concert in May, hopefully holidays to Berlin and New York, and a few trips to the Isle of Man to see baby Mabel. And that's just the start!

3) New candles. I can take or leave buying new makeup and beauty bits and bobs but give me a candle and I am all over it! Bath & Body Works candles will always be my favourite and "Sweater Weather" doesn't disappoint. Can anyone recommend a nice B&BW scent for a bedroom?

4) Putting a Christmas playlist together on Spotify and listening to it a hundred times before it's even December. I love Christmas. I love Christmas music. I am in my absolute element at this time of year!

5) 7 years with these guys. 'nuff said! 

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  1. You cannot beat a beautiful smelling candle now the winter has set in!

  2. I need that shortbread recipe - I'm yet to make a successful batch of biscuits!

    It sounds like your 2016 is gearing up to be an exciting one! My parents are also heading off to NYC next year - I've never been but I'd love to go, so I'm super jealous of you all!


    p.s. happy anniversary to you and your little babes!