This weekend I...


1) got to meet Mabel, my 6 day old baby niece, through the medium of Facetime (my sister and her husband live on the Isle of Man so I can't meet her in person just yet). She is an absolute beauty and I can't wait for lots of cuddles in a couple of weeks time. I look for cute baby girl clothes everywhere I go now and it's only a matter of time before Auntie VJ gets her in a headband!

2) dusted off my proper camera and headed out with Paul and the Pugs to get a few photos. I'm still clueless and just point, shoot and hope for the best, but it's nice to get some proper photos of the 4 of us to document our time together. 

3) sat in the sunshine, drank LOTS of tea, ate LOTS of banana bread (baked by my own fair hands) and had an epic nap to end all naps on Sunday afternoon.

4) had a surprise visit from my boyfriend on his night shift. I don't think I will ever get bored of seeing him in his uniform. HELLO.

5) felt anxious. Then cross with myself for being anxious. Then anxious for being cross with myself. And so on and so on.

6) spent about 4 hours solid on ASOS looking at bikinis and beachware before I felt like I was going slightly insane. I eventually ordered one bikini, so those 4 hours weren't entirely wasted. 

7) sat back and thought about how lucky I am to be loved by such a wonderful chap and by my two little Pug babies and felt pretty damn happy.

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  1. It is honestly so wonderful to see you so happy again. These photos document that so well! I know what you mean about getting frustrated by getting anxious. I always feel like I've let myself down somehow but don't let it get to you. We're allowed down moments occasionally :) xx

  2. Oh, so I'm not alone with wasted time in online shops :) Love the cute pictures and funny mug <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. sounds like the best weekend (aside from the anxiety bit) so happy you have those 3 in your life! x

  4. so lovely to ready such a happy post from you! xx

  5. It's so nice to see you so happy Victoria, you definitely deserve it. Your pug babies look so cute as always! xx

  6. I know how you feel about wanting to document times like this. I have really tried to make the most of photography and my camera lately.
    Not great to here of the anxiety, but I'm sure this surge of happiness and love will ease you out. And plus, holiday!
    x x x

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I bet you're so excited to meet your niece in person.

  8. What a lovely, happy collection of photographs, Victoria. It's so nice to read such a positive post. And congratulations on becoming an auntie!