How I like #mybath (with Matalan Direct).


For me a bubble bath is a real luxury purely because I don't have a bath! So every now and again I pop over to my boyfriend's house and run myself a nice hot bath full of bubbles and try to shake off the stress of the day.

Matalan Direct recently sent me a generous Boots voucher to create my perfect bath to share with you. The first few bits I treated myself to were no-brainers; Soap and Glory products and a brand spanking new Yankee Candle! For me a perfect bath is all about lots of bubbles, great smelling products and a scented candle to transport me from drizzly Sheffield to somewhere a tad more exotic!

Soap & Glory - The Daily Soothe
This bubble bath is a thick formula in a tub designed to promote a good night's sleep with its calming and soothing properties. Simply grab a scoop and let it run under the running water to create lots of bubbles. I don't know about getting a better night's sleep because I always sleep pretty well but it did a grand job of providing lots of scented bubbles that left my skin feeling moisturised.

Soap & Glory - Whipped Clean
As shower creams go this has got to be my absolute favourite. It smells divine, all almond-y and vanilla-y, and leaves my skin smelling lovely and feeling incredibly soft. For me there's no better shower cream. It is perfect if you're lazy like me, as it acts as a moisturiser too.

Soap & Glory - Peaches and Clean
If you think Whipped Clean smells good you need to get your nose round this facial cleanser. After a bath I wash my face with this cleansing milk, designed to clear the pores and melt away makeup and impurities. It smells incredible and leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft.

Yankee Candle - Pink Sands
Pink Sands is one of my favourite Yankee's. It literally smells like a holiday in a jar! A perfect bathroom addition.

Last but not least I also picked up a pair of exfoliating gloves and a rather fetching hair turban to keep my hair dry. With a candle burning, bubbles bubbling and a good book (currently reading this!) it's the perfect end to a busy day at work.

What does your perfect bath look like?

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  1. This sounds like the purge the bath!! I always have some candles going, lots of bubbles and a good book too! :) xx

  2. This sounds like the perfect bath!! I always have candles burning, lots of bubbles and a good book too :-) xx

  3. Can't beat a good bubble bath, especially when it smells so good! X

  4. Candles and pamper goodies are definitely essentials! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  5. Pink Sands is my favourite Yankee scent, I love the happy holiday vibe it evokes!