Deliciously Ella: sweet potato brownies [vegan friendly].


Without a doubt the Deliciously Ella recipe I make the most is for her sweet potato brownies. I've made a few batches and they get better each time. I usually freeze half of what I have made then eat the rest in quick succession.

With the frozen ones I just pop one out the freezer an hour before I want it and Bob's your Uncle, they are so delicious when they're still slightly frozen. They're also pretty delightful with a helping of nut butter on the top (hazelnut is my favourite).

They are really easy to make and don't require lots of crazy ingredients like some healthy baking recipes. The buckwheat flour was the most obscure thing I had to buy and I found some in Waitrose no problems at all.

I am definitely going to whip some more up next week in time for Bake Off!

If anyone has any similar healthy baking recipes please do share!
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  1. I adore sweet potato brownies! We whack some protein in them occasionally and gorge them at the gym after a heavy weights session haha! So good!