How I like #mybath (with Matalan Direct).


For me a bubble bath is a real luxury purely because I don't have a bath! So every now and again I pop over to my boyfriend's house and run myself a nice hot bath full of bubbles and try to shake off the stress of the day.

Matalan Direct recently sent me a generous Boots voucher to create my perfect bath to share with you. The first few bits I treated myself to were no-brainers; Soap and Glory products and a brand spanking new Yankee Candle! For me a perfect bath is all about lots of bubbles, great smelling products and a scented candle to transport me from drizzly Sheffield to somewhere a tad more exotic!

Soap & Glory - The Daily Soothe
This bubble bath is a thick formula in a tub designed to promote a good night's sleep with its calming and soothing properties. Simply grab a scoop and let it run under the running water to create lots of bubbles. I don't know about getting a better night's sleep because I always sleep pretty well but it did a grand job of providing lots of scented bubbles that left my skin feeling moisturised.

Soap & Glory - Whipped Clean
As shower creams go this has got to be my absolute favourite. It smells divine, all almond-y and vanilla-y, and leaves my skin smelling lovely and feeling incredibly soft. For me there's no better shower cream. It is perfect if you're lazy like me, as it acts as a moisturiser too.

Soap & Glory - Peaches and Clean
If you think Whipped Clean smells good you need to get your nose round this facial cleanser. After a bath I wash my face with this cleansing milk, designed to clear the pores and melt away makeup and impurities. It smells incredible and leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft.

Yankee Candle - Pink Sands
Pink Sands is one of my favourite Yankee's. It literally smells like a holiday in a jar! A perfect bathroom addition.

Last but not least I also picked up a pair of exfoliating gloves and a rather fetching hair turban to keep my hair dry. With a candle burning, bubbles bubbling and a good book (currently reading this!) it's the perfect end to a busy day at work.

What does your perfect bath look like?

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Titanic Spa.


Last month Paul and I had a day and overnight stay at Titanic Spa in Huddersfield to celebrate his birthday and as a nice treat after we spent the weekend moving my things into my new house. I had never been to a spa before so it was all new to me but I was ready for some relaxation and pampering after the house move and a hectic past few months.

We didn't book in for any treatments so after checking-in and changing into our cossies and robes we spent the morning sitting outside in the sunshine with a cup of coffee or two and doing a few lengths in the pool. Once we had done a token bit of exercise we headed to the heat and ice experience which is a series of rooms (saunas, steam rooms, aromatherapy rooms, that kind of thing), along with a foot bath station and some cooling experiences like a plunge pool and an ice bucket shower (I gave that one a miss.. brr!)

We got lunch included in our stay so we made use of the heat and ice experience before and after lunch, before finishing off in the outdoor hot tub and then the relaxation room where we lounged on humongous cushions and dozed off.

Our apartment was lovely and spacious, spread over two levels. We cracked open some Prosecco and chocolates before heading down for cocktails in the newly opened bar (Bar 1911) where we managed to nab the cosy snug area. Dinner was really tasty. I had a stuffed mushroom to start followed by the pork belly and both were divine. We spent the rest of the evening watching DVDs in our apartment before the relaxation caught up with us and we were beat.

The next morning we enjoyed a Pug-free sleep-in (a rare occurence!) and devoured the contents of the breakfast basket before heading back to Sheffield.

I could seriously get used to spa days now! I will be on the look out for future deals at Titanic Spa so that we can head back soon!

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This weekend I...


1) got to meet Mabel, my 6 day old baby niece, through the medium of Facetime (my sister and her husband live on the Isle of Man so I can't meet her in person just yet). She is an absolute beauty and I can't wait for lots of cuddles in a couple of weeks time. I look for cute baby girl clothes everywhere I go now and it's only a matter of time before Auntie VJ gets her in a headband!

2) dusted off my proper camera and headed out with Paul and the Pugs to get a few photos. I'm still clueless and just point, shoot and hope for the best, but it's nice to get some proper photos of the 4 of us to document our time together. 

3) sat in the sunshine, drank LOTS of tea, ate LOTS of banana bread (baked by my own fair hands) and had an epic nap to end all naps on Sunday afternoon.

4) had a surprise visit from my boyfriend on his night shift. I don't think I will ever get bored of seeing him in his uniform. HELLO.

5) felt anxious. Then cross with myself for being anxious. Then anxious for being cross with myself. And so on and so on.

6) spent about 4 hours solid on ASOS looking at bikinis and beachware before I felt like I was going slightly insane. I eventually ordered one bikini, so those 4 hours weren't entirely wasted. 

7) sat back and thought about how lucky I am to be loved by such a wonderful chap and by my two little Pug babies and felt pretty damn happy.

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Deliciously Ella: sweet potato brownies [vegan friendly].


Without a doubt the Deliciously Ella recipe I make the most is for her sweet potato brownies. I've made a few batches and they get better each time. I usually freeze half of what I have made then eat the rest in quick succession.

With the frozen ones I just pop one out the freezer an hour before I want it and Bob's your Uncle, they are so delicious when they're still slightly frozen. They're also pretty delightful with a helping of nut butter on the top (hazelnut is my favourite).

They are really easy to make and don't require lots of crazy ingredients like some healthy baking recipes. The buckwheat flour was the most obscure thing I had to buy and I found some in Waitrose no problems at all.

I am definitely going to whip some more up next week in time for Bake Off!

If anyone has any similar healthy baking recipes please do share!
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