Weekend shenanigans (and 5 good things!)


Monday's are always a bit rubbish after a really great weekend aren't they? That's why I reckon a 5 good things post will cheer me right up, and a quick flick through some of the photos I took on Saturday evening and Sunday.

On Saturday, after an epic Insanity workout, my friend and I went to the cinema to watch Trainwreck (pretty funny first half, good ending!) and had a good catch up over a cuppa. Later that evening my boyfriend and I (meet Paul everyone!) went out for dinner and a few drinks before swinging by Tesco on the way home, as you do, for a family sized sticky toffee pudding and a cosy night on the sofa.

Yesterday we took Lily and Lola to the Longshaw Estate for a stroll. Lily and Lola did so well and managed to walk a pretty long way, got fussed by everyone and made friends with a couple of little Chihuahua's. They were on their best behaviour for once. They might have been too tired to do their usual terrorising :)

Most things are pretty rosy at the moment but I have picked out 5 biggies:

1) 8 weeks with this one. I didn't think I would find love again (ever the pessimist) but life has a funny way of falling into place when you least expect it. The past 2 months have been bloody wonderful and I have to pinch myself sometimes to believe it's real!

2) Booking a little holiday for the end of September. I am so ready for some sunshine, relaxation and all inclusive food and drink. Cocktails by the pool, yes please!

3) Urban 1/4, Kelham Island (Sheffield). This is one of the best burgers I've ever had. SO. GOOD. I got the standard beef burger then added blue cheese, smoked bacon and onion chutney. Good chips. Good sides. Friendly service. I'll be back! I can't resist a good burger.

4) Being settled in my new home and having my own space to go to after work where I feel cosy and happy. I think I have just about bought everything I need to get me started so now I can pop my feet up and enjoy it all (and that's just what I'm doing now!)

5) Counting down to lovely weekend plans. Homecooked dinner and a spot of champers on Friday evening. A wedding on Saturday. Leeds on Sunday to meet my folks for lunch. Is it 5pm on Friday yet!!?!

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