5 good things.


1. Douwe Egberts vanilla coffee. I used to be a tea drinker and had a coffee once in a blue moon but just before Christmas I wasn't sleeping properly and I turned to coffee to power me through my working days. Now I am addicted! The last thing I needed was to find these amazing pots of coffee (£3 for the teeniest jar) but when I saw the advert I knew I had to try it. It is seriously so good. I don't think I can go back to regular coffee now! I plan to pick up the other 3 flavours asap!

2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I finished off the series recentky and it has become a firm favourite. I am really looking forward to more episodes. Someone on IMDB describes it as "a delightful and heartwarming light dramedy" which I think sums it up perfectly.
3. Discovering the Spotify app. I am embarrassingly behind the times but I downloaded it recently and have discovered so much great music. It's great for the gym too as I was getting so fed up of listening to the same songs over and over. Now I have ready made playlists for literally any kind of occasion. Winner!

4. I have raised over £580 for my skydive, all of which will go to Rain Rescue. I really hope to reach £650 in the next week. I would be over the moon! 

5. Getting back into cross stitching by stitching this little house keyring for my parents. I just need to find an awesome pattern to kick start my love for it again. I have lots of time on my hands now and I could do with something to keep my mind and hands busy.

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  1. That coffee sounds amazing Victoria! Seriously in love with your phone case too (:

  2. I am definitely downloading the Spotify app - my iPhone is full of embarrassingly old music!

    That cross stitch is ridiculously cute - I love the roof and plant details.


  3. I have just discovered Spotify too! Don't know why I never tried it before, it is so great for when you don't want to have to think about what you are listening to, I love the whole pick by your mood bit :) xx

  4. You might like Beanies coffee - sold in Sainsburys. More flavours and larger jars but can't remember the price. What about tapestry? Intwosandthrees on IG/Etsy does awesome pieces - could make some pennies that way too.

    Amy x

  5. Ooooo I love the sound of that coffee! And love the crosstitch, very cute! x