Recent beauty buys.


Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Mask
I can't remember where I heard about this mask but I heard good things so off I popped to The Body Shop to pick up a pot. I absolutely LOVE this mask. I've used it a few times and each time my skin is left feeling SO clean and smooth. I will definitely repurchase this, it's perfect for my oily skin. It takes a bit of elbow grease to shift it as it dries quite hard, and I like to apply quite a heavy layer, but that works in my favour as it means extra exfoliation!

Botanics Radiant Youth Microdermabrasion Polish
I needed a new face scrub and picked this Botanics number purely because it was half price. I am on the fence with this one at the moment. I definitely need a few more uses before I decide whether I like it or not. Initial uses have been good but I can't say my skin has looked more 'radiant' or less dull. In terms of an exfoliation product I would rather increase the usage of my favourite face mask (see above) than continue to use this, but I don't like to waste anything so I will give it another shot.

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum
I have been going to the same eyebrow lady for quite a while now and with a lot of patience I managed to grow my brows into a shape and thickness that I was happy with. As I've moved from Rotherham I recently "cheated" on her and went somewhere new which resulted in much thinner brows with too much of an arch and I am really not happy with them now.
I am full of hope that this serum will work wonders and I can pay my old brow lady a visit. The reviews are mainly very positive so I'm intrigued as to what it will do for me. I plan to do a separate blog post about this product so watch this space..

Another couple of products worth a mention, which aren't as exciting as the others but a necessity all the same, are the dry shampoo and deodorant pictured above. I don't get on with dry shampoo at all but I've been using the COLAB "Rio" spray which I rather like. I think I would repurchase this but try one of the other scents.

The Sanex deodorant was a random purchase as I thought it was on special offer (it wasn't) but it turns out it's amazing. Sometimes when I wear certain material on my top half my deodorant lets me down but this stuff is brilliant! It has a lovely scent and it has never let me down yet. I'll definitely buy this again and stock up when it is actually on special offer.

Paul Mitchell 'Forever Blonde' shampoo and conditioner
I can't rave about this shampoo and conditioner set enough! I picked it up from my salon after one of the hairdressers recommended it to me and I am a fan for life now. It leaves my hair feeling silky soft, even after colouring when it usually goes a bit dry for the first few days, and it really keeps my blonde looking fresher for longer.
Star buy!!

YSL Black Opium perfume
I definitely didn't need a new perfume but sometimes you've just got to treat yourself, you know? This smells delicious and the bottle is rather dashing. Notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla if you're interested!

Nivea "Smooth Nourishing" hand cream
My hands are desperately dry, especially in the colder months, and I get through hand cream like hot dinners! I thought I'd try a new one and I have not been disappointed with this Nivea number. It doesn't leave any greasy residue behind, like some of the other rich hand creams do, it smells lovely and fresh and it moisturises all the ugly dry patches of skin on my hands superbly.

I will definitely pop another one of these in my basket next time I'm in Boots.
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  1. I think I'm going to treat myself to the cleansing mask. I have oily skin too and I've recently got back into using masks again, but the one I'm using at the moment can be a little watery and take a while to dry - I actually really like the sound of this one being tough to shift, because I hope that means it's doing its job!


    p.s. that perfume bottle is so beautiful!

  2. That perfume bottle is beautiful!
    I don't get on with dry shampoo either normally, might give that one a try.
    I really love the First Aid Beauty face masks, esp the purifying peel-off one.