5 good things.


I love writing these "5 good things" posts as they're a good way to keep a bit of positivity in your day. I have started writing a list in my phone 'notes' each night of "joyful things" - they can be silly little things really but they all add up and make things seem alright. Does anyone else do anything similar? Tonight I am particularly happy that I didn't eat any chocolate after my dinner and that I had a really good workout after work.

Here are my 5 good things:

1. Buying new perfume. I am running low on 'best' perfume and I am partial to spritzing myself with YSL Black Opium whenever I pop to Boots, so on Sunday I took the plunge and treated myself to a teeny bottle. I had a £5 off voucher and it was triple points so that seemed like a good sign to me! This smells so good. Notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla apparently! Have a spray next time you're passing the perfume counter. I bet you'll love it!

2. After 3 weeks of pain and swelling with tendonitis in my left wrist it finally feels like it is getting better. It feels strange to have a fully functioning hand again!

3. Feeling settled in my new home with my new routine. It has been a steep learning curve learning how to look after myself. Yes I'm 30 years old and have always had someone looking after me, so having to do my own washing, food shopping, cleaning and finances is scary and stressful but very liberating! I have also managed to move past having beans on toast every day to trying more advanced dishes (ahem, pasta sauce in a jar ;))

4. Reconnecting with an old friend. Sometimes you lose touch with people who you were once super close to, and through a not-so-nice turn of events you get back in touch with each other and catch up as though no time has passed at all. 2015 seems to be the year for hearing from old friends for sure, and it feels pretty great!

5. Discovering that Ben & Jerry's do a peanut butter flavour icecream with whole peanut butter cups in it. I mean, Jesus Christ, how is a girl supposed to stay a size 10 with that around?!
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  1. Dear lord I did NOT know about that B&J ice cream. Someone get me some STAT! Glad to see you're doing well lovely xxxxx


  2. That perfume has been top of my list for ages I am trying to hold out til I go away at the end of the month for duty free but I mean boots points are hard to pass up.... haha! I am pretending I did not read about the Ben & Jerry Ice cream as well as I will be Ellie the elephant x


  3. definitely need to check that perfume out!


  4. I love that perfume. Very nearly got it for Christmas. Also holy cow, peanut butter Ben & Jerrys with actual peanut butter cups, sounds like a total mouth party! So happy to hear you are settling into your new home xx

  5. Will have to check that perfume out and maybe wander down the ice cream isles when i'm next shopping... ;-) xx

  6. I am addicted to B&J peanut butter ice creams :)

  7. Can't believe that I am now craving peanut butter ice-cream at 8 in the morning!!

  8. haha that picture!! Love it!


  9. Love these types of posts :D x


  10. They do??!! Oh god, this is brand new information.
    Glad the hand is better, and glad you are all settled after the move. :)

  11. There is nothing wrong with a plate of beans on toast......have you tried 5 beans? It feels like a classier version ;) My go-to feeding myself meal is mushrooms on toast. I may have had it one too many times these last few weeks whilst Jim's been in India! x

  12. I really shouldn't have found out about that ice cream - that's so dangerous!

    I'm happy to hear you're doing well, lady! Also, despite years of regularly cooking for myself, I still reach for beans on toast or pasta on an all too regular basis, so don't feel too bad about it ;)