The Salon, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.


When The Salon opened round the corner from where I work I was rather ecstatic, as were the girls that I work with. With its rustic, shabby-chic d├ęcor, extremely friendly therapists and range of treatments on offer (they were one of the only places I could find that did microdermabrasion facials) they were a breath of fresh air amongst the other not-so-lovely salons to choose from in the city centre.

We were sad to hear when The Salon announced their plans to move. No more lunchbreak gel nails or after work facials BUT they haven't moved far, and now that I'm living in Sheffield the new location is really handy for weekend or evening visits.

Last week they had a launch party at their new location (at the top of Ecclesall Road near the Banner Cross pub and a host of other lovely independent businesses) and I popped along with a couple of friends from work.

We were greeted with prosecco, brownies and cupcakes (never a bad thing!) and a really warm welcome from Julie and Emily who run the salon. We had a nosy round the treatment rooms which are absolutely stunning! Think wooden floors, beautiful fireplaces, dark walls, ornate mirrors, and a very warm and relaxing atmosphere. We also marvelled at the "nail shed" which is the cosy corner you visit to get your nails painted. They do nail art too! If you're partial to pretty nails have a nosy at the photo section on their Facebook page where they post photos of their handiwork.

After booking ourselves in for treatments, eating our bodyweight in brownies and having a good chin wag in the lovely waiting area we left to go and get a bite to eat.

I can't recommend The Salon enough! I promise you won't be disappointed - it's so different to anywhere else and you really do get a great experience from the moment you walk through the door. Tell them Victoria from Lily loves Lola sent you if you go! :)

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Recent beauty buys.


Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Mask
I can't remember where I heard about this mask but I heard good things so off I popped to The Body Shop to pick up a pot. I absolutely LOVE this mask. I've used it a few times and each time my skin is left feeling SO clean and smooth. I will definitely repurchase this, it's perfect for my oily skin. It takes a bit of elbow grease to shift it as it dries quite hard, and I like to apply quite a heavy layer, but that works in my favour as it means extra exfoliation!

Botanics Radiant Youth Microdermabrasion Polish
I needed a new face scrub and picked this Botanics number purely because it was half price. I am on the fence with this one at the moment. I definitely need a few more uses before I decide whether I like it or not. Initial uses have been good but I can't say my skin has looked more 'radiant' or less dull. In terms of an exfoliation product I would rather increase the usage of my favourite face mask (see above) than continue to use this, but I don't like to waste anything so I will give it another shot.

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum
I have been going to the same eyebrow lady for quite a while now and with a lot of patience I managed to grow my brows into a shape and thickness that I was happy with. As I've moved from Rotherham I recently "cheated" on her and went somewhere new which resulted in much thinner brows with too much of an arch and I am really not happy with them now.
I am full of hope that this serum will work wonders and I can pay my old brow lady a visit. The reviews are mainly very positive so I'm intrigued as to what it will do for me. I plan to do a separate blog post about this product so watch this space..

Another couple of products worth a mention, which aren't as exciting as the others but a necessity all the same, are the dry shampoo and deodorant pictured above. I don't get on with dry shampoo at all but I've been using the COLAB "Rio" spray which I rather like. I think I would repurchase this but try one of the other scents.

The Sanex deodorant was a random purchase as I thought it was on special offer (it wasn't) but it turns out it's amazing. Sometimes when I wear certain material on my top half my deodorant lets me down but this stuff is brilliant! It has a lovely scent and it has never let me down yet. I'll definitely buy this again and stock up when it is actually on special offer.

Paul Mitchell 'Forever Blonde' shampoo and conditioner
I can't rave about this shampoo and conditioner set enough! I picked it up from my salon after one of the hairdressers recommended it to me and I am a fan for life now. It leaves my hair feeling silky soft, even after colouring when it usually goes a bit dry for the first few days, and it really keeps my blonde looking fresher for longer.
Star buy!!

YSL Black Opium perfume
I definitely didn't need a new perfume but sometimes you've just got to treat yourself, you know? This smells delicious and the bottle is rather dashing. Notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla if you're interested!

Nivea "Smooth Nourishing" hand cream
My hands are desperately dry, especially in the colder months, and I get through hand cream like hot dinners! I thought I'd try a new one and I have not been disappointed with this Nivea number. It doesn't leave any greasy residue behind, like some of the other rich hand creams do, it smells lovely and fresh and it moisturises all the ugly dry patches of skin on my hands superbly.

I will definitely pop another one of these in my basket next time I'm in Boots.
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Saturday stroll: Meersbrook Park.


On a Saturday afternoon I always get a bit of a slump where I feel sluggish and tired (probably something to do with being woken up by the dogs so damn early and the effects of my morning coffees wearing off) and this usually results in a nap. Today after having a little snooze on the sofa I decided to put my trainers on, grab my camera and pop some headphones in and make the most of the light and dry weather.
As I live smack-bang next to Meersbrook Park this seemed like the obvious choice so that's exactly where I went. I had a nosy at Bishop's House, which I will go inside at some point, which has been standing since the Fifteenth (!) century. I had a wander round the park and through the trees, looked up at the sky, took some deep breaths and climbed some particularly steep hills to make my way back home.
I only walked for just under 2 miles but I felt so good afterwards and managed to get a few good photos out of it. Sometimes a bit of fresh air can do us the world of good can't it? Lately there have been days where I feel sad or lonely but a good friend told me going for a walk and looking up at the sky can solve a multitude of problems, and she was right!

Sadly Lily and Lola's little legs can't keep up on long walks like this so for now it's just me and my Spotify playlists.

Where do you go when you need some headspace?

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Life lately.


Moving house.
A month ago I moved from Rotherham to Sheffield into my friends spare room. Lily and Lola went to stay with my parents for a couple of weeks while I got settled but they have joined me now. I already feel really settled in my new place and I'm enjoying exploring a new area.

Turning 30.
On the 3rd of February I celebrated(?) my 30th birthday which I was kind of dreading but it turned out to be one of the best days ever. More on that in another blog post though!

A night (or two ten) on the tiles.
I have been out and about a fair bit which feels great. When I was in a relationship I never felt like I couldn't go out and do things but my priorities were different and staying in/working around someone elses schedule made me happy enough. Now I have to make my own fun and I've been enjoying going out round Sheffield although there have been a few sore heads along the way (tequila on a Tuesday night is not the one).

A particular highlight was my employers "annual dinner" which my friends in Marketing and I organised which was a great success, and rather messy!

Working hard.
I am enjoying my job more than ever, especially as it provides some much needed stability when the rest of my life has been falling apart! I am coming up to my 2 year work anniversary and recently started my 'Diploma in HR Practice', receiving some really positive praise on my first assignment.

New hair!
I was fed up of having permanent roots (#naturalbrunetteproblems) so I decided to darken up my roots to go for the ombre look, only about two years late to the party on that one! I'm definitely going to get a darker root next time and bring it down a bit further but for now I'm really happy with the colour and finally have the shade of blonde that I like (it's quite hard to capture it accurately in a photo though). Totally recommend Megan at The Hairband on Eccy Road (Sheffield) if you're on the lookout for someone really good!

Poppy and Dotty.
Moving into a new home comes with two new ladies in my life; Poppy and Dotty the cats! They are still wary of Lily and Lola (who can blame them!) but most of the time they're happy plodding around doing their own thing and come into my room for cuddles occasionally which is rather nice.

Acquiring an injury.
Moving house came with its negatives, one being a rather nasty injury to my left hand/wrist. I thought it was a sprain so I iced it and rested it but after a few weeks of showing no sign of getting better I made my way to the minor injuries centre where I was diagnosed with tendonitis. I wouldn't wish it on anybody. I was in a world of pain! But a couple of weeks of wearing a splint and taking anti-inflammatory tablets and it is (touch wood) pretty much back to normal. Hello normal functioning hand! How I have missed you.

Lots of it. Mainly burgers..

Gym time.
After being a "working out at home" kind of girl for quite some time I joined a gym near my work and, on a good week, go quite often. I enjoy the time away from everything else and working up a good sweat.

Doggy problems.
Lola had to have an operation last week to remove some stones from her bladder. She was initially treated for a bladder infection but after the antibiotics didn't work a bladder scan highlighted the real problem. I didn't half worry when she was under anaesthetic and when I got her home it was so sad to see her in pain and so unlike her normal hyperactive self, but she is on the mend now and I am rejoicing in the fact I have pet insurance!

I think that just about sums it all up. I think I must be due some good luck soon, don't you think??!

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Skydiving for Rain Rescue!


One of my March goals is to do one scary thing a week. If you're going to do something then you may as well do it properly and my first week of March has involved doing a few new scary things, one of which was booking my skydive!
I have wanted to do a skydive for quite a while now and I always knew I wanted to do it for Rain Rescue, so when I nominated them for my employers "charity of the year 2015" and they won the vote I knew I had to bite the bullet and do it this year!
On the 18 April I will be making the hours drive to the skydive centre to freefall for up to 1 minute from 15,000ft (excuse me while I go and throw up).
I am asking my blog readers to consider sponsoring me for this huge challenge. All of the money raised will go to Rain Rescue who are a South Yorkshire animal charity who rescue cats and dogs from shelters where they're usually about to be put to sleep, and rehome them. They also take on abuse cases, nurse them back to health and place them in lovely new homes.
Read more about Rain Rescue here!
Visit my Just Giving page to sponsor me here!
Thank you so much in advance for anybody who either sponsors me or visits Rain Rescue's website and helps to spread the word about their amazing work in any way.

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5 good things.


I love writing these "5 good things" posts as they're a good way to keep a bit of positivity in your day. I have started writing a list in my phone 'notes' each night of "joyful things" - they can be silly little things really but they all add up and make things seem alright. Does anyone else do anything similar? Tonight I am particularly happy that I didn't eat any chocolate after my dinner and that I had a really good workout after work.

Here are my 5 good things:

1. Buying new perfume. I am running low on 'best' perfume and I am partial to spritzing myself with YSL Black Opium whenever I pop to Boots, so on Sunday I took the plunge and treated myself to a teeny bottle. I had a £5 off voucher and it was triple points so that seemed like a good sign to me! This smells so good. Notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla apparently! Have a spray next time you're passing the perfume counter. I bet you'll love it!

2. After 3 weeks of pain and swelling with tendonitis in my left wrist it finally feels like it is getting better. It feels strange to have a fully functioning hand again!

3. Feeling settled in my new home with my new routine. It has been a steep learning curve learning how to look after myself. Yes I'm 30 years old and have always had someone looking after me, so having to do my own washing, food shopping, cleaning and finances is scary and stressful but very liberating! I have also managed to move past having beans on toast every day to trying more advanced dishes (ahem, pasta sauce in a jar ;))

4. Reconnecting with an old friend. Sometimes you lose touch with people who you were once super close to, and through a not-so-nice turn of events you get back in touch with each other and catch up as though no time has passed at all. 2015 seems to be the year for hearing from old friends for sure, and it feels pretty great!

5. Discovering that Ben & Jerry's do a peanut butter flavour icecream with whole peanut butter cups in it. I mean, Jesus Christ, how is a girl supposed to stay a size 10 with that around?!
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