Weight loss/fitness update.


This year has been a weird one for my weight maintenance/fitness progress and as much as I'd like to sweep it all under the carpet, that wouldn't be fair to the people who email me asking for advice who say I'm an inspiration for their own weight loss. I always try to be honest so here is a summary of what's been happening.

Last year I got down to my ultimate goal weight but I was being too restrictive to get there. I was eating very small meals and I developed a fear of eating anything that wasn't "clean". Then I would go out for a meal or something would happen which disrupted my strict routine and I would eat lots and lots for several days or weeks. It was all or nothing!

My aim, ultimately, is to reach that goal weight again by being healthy, eating enough, exercising regularly, losing the obsessive compulsive thought processes and being happy! Not too much to ask surely? ;)

Bad habits
I have a tendency to turn to food when I am really happy, really sad, anxious or worried. Chances are I experience one of those emotions on a fairly regular basis which means I am often reaching for the biscuit tin. I want to kick this habit to the curb and find alternative ways to deal with these emotions.

Some of you may know that I have PCOS which I think is part of the reason why, even when I'm on track and working really hard, results can be slow or sometimes non existent. This can be a massive set back and leaves me wondering why I bother. I think the key is consistency and knowledge. I have been trying to read up on PCOS as much as possible to find out the best food options and types of exercise. If anyone can share any pearls of wisdom please do!

Looking forward to 2015
I need to try and remember the progress I HAVE made. It's easy to forget, so writing this has been really helpful because I've been looking back through old photos and have noticed the changes.

Compared to 2009/2010 my BMI is no longer in the "overweight" category, I have found exercise that fits into my routine and that I enjoy, I have learnt to cook and know how to make good choices. I'd say this is a pretty big achievement! 

I have put a few pounds on since last year and I don't feel as comfortable in some of my clothes as I did then, so I'd like to lose that weight slowly and steadily.

I want to work on being able to have a treat without it throwing my whole routine off balance. I want to get stronger and fitter so I will try to be more consistent with my workouts and ensure I always do something at least a couple of times a week, but more if I can. I have found that HIIT workouts are the most effective for me so I will mix those in with some strength training. I will post regular updates to check in and chat to you guys about things. Hopefully that will be helpful to me and you!

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  1. Well done for being so honest, it's a hard thing to admit especially where being ultra controlled has played some part. I honestly think you look healthy in both 2009 and 2013! Good luck with the rest of your journey and I hope you find the happiness with the way you look, that is the main thing after all. xxx

  2. Totally agree with the comment above. A very honest post and all the best on your journey! x

  3. Hi, I wanted to comment as I have also suffered with anxiety which often manifested itself as obsessive thoughts with regard to food. I always just thought there was something wrong with me and I had no willpower. I then went through a really bad period of anxiety and had some counselling which really helped, and also resulted in me taking anti-depressants for 6 months to break the cycle. It worked amazingly. I know it sounds a bit extreme but I just wanted to let you know in case you are really struggling x

  4. It is great that you want to be healthier and feel good about yourself but I think you look beautiful in both sizes :)

  5. Your results are amazing. Congrats! It's hard to keep a perfect weight, so I think almost everybody has relapses. So many things can happen that sometimes is easy to loose track and get a few extra pounds.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  6. I think you've done really well Victoria! You look fantastic and healthy and you're an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work! Love your blog by the way (I'm an ex-pat Yorkshire girl who now lives in Wales and I love reading about all the things you get up to in my favourite county!) xxxx

  7. You look fab in all of your photos

  8. you look great, well done! i am going through a similar stage in my dieting where it is all or nothing, this will really help me to get back on track! thanks!! xox

  9. I've read your weight loss story before and I still can't believe how much you have changed! Whether you've put weight back on or not I hope you stay happy. That's most important bit :)


  10. You're looking fabulous! I love reading these 'real' accounts of fitness journeys, the good nd the bad included. It's all or nothing for me too - I just had a full on 'shred' week and found it easier to restrict myself completely than to try for moderation!
    lily x

  11. You've made fantastic progress! I've just purchased Kayla Itsines BBG so I'm looking forward to adding some HIIT into my 2015 mission to get fit too!
    Rebecca – Halfway Home

  12. I think you look amazing Victoria, and these posts really spur me on to be healthy! I would love to see some posts relating to your diet and different meals and recipes that you cook/eat on a weekly basis. Sometimes I can get into a rut with what to cook and I need inspiration :) Thank you for writing such a lovely blog :)
    Melissa xxxx