My ultimate Christmas list!


Just for fun, here are a few things I would ask Santa for if he had an unlimited budget and thought I had been extra good this year!

I have had my eye on a Kitchenaid for so long. Our baking has really gone downhill since we moved to our current house 3 years ago mainly due to a dodgy oven that either doesn't cook anything or cremates it. When we fix our oven (or move house!) I might have to take the plunge and invest. The blue version would look lovely in our kitchen. Look how pretty it is!

The Louis Vuitton Montaigne bag has been in my sights for a while now. I nearly bought it a few months ago but the exorbitant price tag eventually made me see sense and I bought the more reasonable "Neverfull" instead. One day, Montaigne, one day!

I am a sucker for scarves and have a rather sizable collection in my wardrobe, including a few Missoni numbers and an Alexander McQueen which I've had about 7 years so it's starting to look a bit tatty. I love big chunky checked scarves at the moment so the ultimate is obviously this Burberry tassled one. I'd love another skull scarf and the navy/white combo is my favourite.

Finally I wish I had a pretty pastel coloured bike with a basket. I imagine I would only ride round the block in it or pop to the corner shop but I would look fabulous doing so. I could even take Lily or Lola with me in the basket, imagine that!

What would be on your ultimate Christmas list?

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  1. Amazing picks! I would be happy if Santa thought I was good and bought me any of these, but I've wanted a Kitchenaid for so long. I would love make Mary Berry standard cakes in it (a girl can dream on both parts!)

    <3 Fran - xz

  2. I am desperate for a KitchenAid too! Either in that blue or the pistachio green :) I always tell my boyfriend I want one and all he says is slavery is abolished. Ha! xx

  3. Gah I want a Kitchenaid so badly... Alas we will probably end up with the Breville version lol.

    Lovely bag - I would die for the Marc Jacobs bag I've had my eye on for months *sigh*

    Zoe xoxo

  4. The kitchenaid is my best friend!! I'm coeliac and it's a must to have such a thing for baking your own gluten free bread. Other than that I don't care about Christmas gifts much. I just want more time off, good health and less stress in life. And, well, an ipad mini would be good too.. (planning on getting one before the next travel, want to cut down on gadget sizes to make packing easier).

  5. Basically anything Mulberry and plane tickets for an around the world trip, oh and Tiffany's diamonds! On and an iPad. And that's it!