My Accessorize winter wishlist.


Accessorize have really produced the goods this year and sadly there is a small store just around the corner from my office block so I have been popping in rather a lot recently.

They have a large selection of blanket scarves for £19, which I think is pretty reasonable. I got myself a pretty pink pastel number and a brighter checked version. The days of shivering at my desk are over now that I can wrap myself up in these scarf/blanket hybrids!

I am lusting after a pair of leather gloves as I can't seem to hang onto regular gloves. They end up getting holes in the fingers or if they have any decoration that always pops off after a couple of wears. I am torn between the two pairs below but both are rather lovely!

You can't get through the winter with a cold head, which is why I'm eyeing up all of their faux fur bandos along with a rather fetching grey bobble hat. The bandos are only £15 which I think is a steal.

Finally a girl can never have too many pairs of socks and slippers. I am partial to a boot-style slipper but I can't resist these adorable koala bears.

What is your favourite item from my list?

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  1. I've been lusting after a couple of blanket scarves on ASOS this week and trying to decide whether to place an order but I really like that pink one - might have to go to Accesorize instead!

  2. So loving these blanket scarves, I live with my H&M one wrapped around me!

  3. Ooooo these are all so lovely. As for the gloves, both are nice but I'd go for the ones on the left x

  4. Those scarves are beautiful!


  5. I love those blanket scarves! x

  6. I love a good scarf in winter, and the ones you chose are pretty neat! I also like to have a cute pair or house slippers to get me through winter. Good list!

    Lauren / And Together We