Life lately.


1. Giving up on my trusty iPhone 4, which was becoming uncooperative, and upgrading to a super duper iPhone 6 in gold. It's nice to have a phone that responds straight away and I can finally take decent photos instead of very grainy ones through the scratched camera on my old one.

2. Discovering The Inbetweeners (which I must admit I poo-pooed the first time round) and finding it hilarious.

3. Making Jonathan watch Drifters, which is like a girls version of The Inbetweeners. So funny!

4. Buying a real tree for our home the first time which is so much nicer than a fake one. I love the smell of our front room (less Pug, more pine needles!) and our higgledy-piggledy baubles which we have been collecting together for the past few years. I popped to Paperchase yesterday and added a few more to the collection. I love our Liberty of London Pug which was a present from my sister one Christmas.

5. Trawling the shops for an outfit to wear on a night out this Friday. I'm sure I hit 29 and developed the inability to find suitable clothes because I seem to be in this predicament every time I have an occasion on the horizon! Nothing like a bit of panic buying the night before (gets ready to go to Meadowhall)...

6. Buying Rich Tea's (because they're a 'healthy' biscuit) but covering them in Nutella.

7. Experimenting with styling my short hair and adding more tongs to my collection (somebody stop me buying hair products, please!)

8. Having a catch up with my parents over lunch. Lots of wedding talk and making plans for Christmas.

9. Having 2 solid weeks of working out consistently and discovering stomach muscles! Thanks Fitness Blender :)

10. Lionel Richie lols with my friends at the office.

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  1. Lol that picture is hilarious!


  2. Well done on your two weeks worth of work outs..very inspirational! That picture is pretty hilarious : )

    Gemma x