How I did with my 2014 goals/resolutions.


How did I do with my goals for 2014? Not too bad. It could definitely be worse! I feel like I gave them a good go and I have definitely made some improvements but to sum it up; could do better.

I am looking forward to setting some goals for 2015 but for now, here's how I did this year:

Get fitter / be more consistent with my exercise / stay at my goal weight - this has been a tricky one this year and my weight has been up and down more times than I care to remember. I think 2015 calls for more health updates, weigh-ins and general chit chat to do with weight loss and exercise. I haven't made any massive set backs and have maintained my weight, or thereabouts, so I don't feel massively disappointed with this goal.

Try Yoga or Pilates - I have done a little bit of yoga at home and enjoyed it, but I prefer high intensity exercise. I may still try a proper class at some point, but for now I'm happy that I gave it a go at home.

Go indoor rock climbing - I didn't do this but it's not my fault. Hear me out! I was given a rock climbing gift voucher last Christmas and have been putting it off and putting it off. I finally plucked up the courage to ring up last week and I discovered that the climbing centre has closed down! It is something I plan to do very soon though.

Try to be a better friend - I try to be as good of a friend as I can be, but sometimes I think I am too hard on myself and I over-think things. Towards the end of 2014 I have tried to be a better listener and supportive to the best of my ability. But at the end of the day, nobody is perfect.

Comment on every blog post I read - I think I have done pretty well on this. It has definitely got me into the habit of commenting and it is something I will continue to do in the future. I think this is something easy we can all do that makes a big difference to the blogger behind the post!

Read 52 books i.e. a book for every week of the year- big fat FAIL. I started the year off doing really well as I used to get the bus into work which meant I had a good 40 minutes each way to read my book or Kindle. Now that I drive into work every day I only get to read here and there; 10 minutes before bed, in the bath, or occasionally on the weekend. I definitely won't put pressure on myself next year to read a certain number of books but I would definitely like to make more time to read, even if it's just a magazine!

Get to the bottom of my acne problem and have more confidence in my appearance
(But ultimately accept that appearance is not the be all and end all!) - my acne completely cleared up this year, hurrah! I *think* I have got it under control and my confidence has definitely improved.

Have more bubble baths and "me" time - I have definitely been doing this with the help of Comforter bars from Lush which are my current obsession. You can't beat a bubble bath!

Relax... (yeah right! ;)) - erm, this one is a work in progress!!

How did you do with yours?
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  1. Wow you did have some tough goals!!! I do think you did really well to achieve the ones that you did!!!
    I never really make resolutions but I think I might have some goals for next year! x

  2. You are already a great made time for me and im many miles away...big fat tick! lots of love xxx

  3. You are already a great made time for me and im many miles away...give yourself a bug fat tick...lots of love xxx

  4. Great post. It's too easy not to bother leaving comments on posts because social media is easier. You've inspired me to be better at posting :-)x

  5. I set myself a high book goal for 2014 too (I only said 1 book a week and I think I still failed to meet this). I did exactly the same as you - I changed jobs from one where I used to get public transport (and had time to read) to one where I drive in. I really miss that reading time. One of my goals for 2015 will definitely be to look at how I can slot in more regular reading time sessions in my week.

  6. I really need to try and keep up with my blog commenting. It's something I really enjoy so I need to make more time for it.

  7. You did well with your goals! I kind of did, but only started blogging recently so haven't had a chance to write about mine but have started looking forward to 2015's goals :) can't wait to see yours