Harrods Christmas shop.


Buying a real tree this year has made me obsessed with finding pretty new baubles and this foursome from Harrods are no exception.

As far as Christmas decorations go they are pretty special. Hand decorated and covered in Swarovski stones they are the perfect piece of bling for any tree! The white colour are out of stock but they also come in green (link!) which I love too.

Our tree is a mish mash of all different styles, shapes and sizes. Presents from friends, keepsakes, things we have picked up from all over the world, with a few twinkly lights to finish it off. I am so pleased with how it looks this year.

Swarovski Christmas decorations c/o Harrods

I will definitely be paying Harrods a visit next year as they have so many lovely things in their Christmas shop. I have been coveting this embroidered reindeer, embellished ice cream decoration, vintage bottle decoration, and 2014 Christmas door ornament.

Is there anything that takes your fancy?

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  1. I think this is exactly how a tree should be. Festive and fun with personal touches. :)

  2. Those baubles are so precious! We make sure we visit Harrods every year to buy a decoration for the tree, i'm a real fan of the bear ornaments.... they are so cute! x

  3. Those ornaments are beautiful!