Blogmas!! 5 good things.


I have been feeling a bit 'funny' about my blog and the blogging world lately. It's such a different place to when I first started blogging where I felt like I knew so many other bloggers and so many people read and commented on mine. Now I feel a bit lost in the crowd, wondering where my blog fits in the grand scheme of things.

In a bid to battle that I thought I would attempt one blog post per day in the lead up to Christmas Day. It's not going to be easy, judging by my recent efforts, but I will give it a go. It will be a chance to catch up on my resolutions, set some more for 2015, chat to you all about life, wedding plans, Christmas, and share a few outfits and bits and bobs.

To kick things off, and as a nod to my old tradition of doing these posts every Monday, here are my 5 good things:

1) Buying comfy winter clothes and accessories. I am cold pretty much all of the time so the flurry of blanket scarves in the shops are a welcome sight! I treated myself to a couple of Accessorize numbers recently as I couldn't decide between the two. Next on my wishlist, a bobble hat and some faux fur lined leather gloves!

2) Getting my hair chopped off a couple of weeks ago. Gone are my dry ends, it's so quick and easy to blow dry and it looks great with a bit of curl!

3) It's almost time for our yearly tradition. We pop a Christmas film on, lay all the presents we have bought out on the floor, tick them off our lists and spend the rest of the night chatting, wrapping presents and eating Christmas goodies. The film is usually Home Alone FYI.

4) Packed weekends from now until Christmas and a 2 week festive break on the horizon.

5) Discovering Nutella hot chocolate!

What are your 5 good things?

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  1. Good luck with posting everyday! I'm not even close to being organised enough to make that happen. Also Nutella hot chocolate?!?! I'm going to be searching for this on my next shopping trip. x

  2. Nutella hot chocolate?! That sounds heavenly! X

  3. Totally know what you mean, I am also a blogger and have found it so difficult recently to get myself motivated. There are so many bloggers out there now and you tube has also taken the world by storm that blogging makes me feel inferior now...:( I really enjoy reading your posts Victoria so don't give up. Life can sometimes get in the way and you can go through dry spells, it will soon pick up again. X

  4. I was just about to write about how lovely your hair looks, but then...


    What?! Where do I purchase this! I need it in my life! <3

    ❤️ Fran - xx

  5. I know what you mean about blogging. It's why I had half a year hiatus! I adore your new hair cut. I wish I was brave enough to go for the chop but I think I'm meant to be a long-haired lass for life! Wrapping presents and Nutella hot chocolate? Where do I sign up?! x

  6. Home is alone is my fave christmas film. Love the hair! :)

  7. I feel the same about blogging really - 'back in my day!' Think we're the old hands now. I thought about doing Blogmas, but I'm almost certain I won't be able to stick to it. Maybe I should try though.

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  8. I love your hair cut, a textured bob is much better than long hair in my opinion x

    Cream Tea And Rose Jam

  9. I normally take a look at a couple of blogs/websites every lunch time at work and always happy when there's a new post. So very pleased about your blog a day for Christmas. Good luck.

  10. I love your 5 Good Things posts! And your hair looks lovely :)
    I'm looking forward to reading a post from you each day. Have you got many festive things planned?
    Lyndsay x

  11. Hey Victoria, Just thought I would comment as a loyal reader for quite a few years now I just thought I would say that I enjoy reading your blog for lots of reasons! I really love the content and reading about what you have been up to, but what I like is that you have stayed true to how you began. Some of my most loved bloggers have unfortunately now got caught up in just reviewing the latest products. I love makeup etc as much as the next girl but I do find it really boring. I love the fact that when I come to read your blog its mostly stories about your life. Its focused on life and experiences with some girly stuff thrown in. What is nice is as a reader it never makes me feel like I am missing out if I don't buy the next lipstick or whatever. I emailed you a few times about a certain teapot (cornishware) and also about some weight loss tips and it was a lovely surprise that you emailed back! I just hope you know that your blog is simply pretty darn great! I love reading it and I do hope this makes you smile!!! :) xx

  12. Yeah! You're one of my favourite blogs to read so I'm really looking forward to reading a post from you everyday :) x

  13. I'm cold all the time too so I totally understand how you feel!