Going for the chop?! (again)...


My current obsession comes in the form of Julianne Hough who pops up on my Instagram feed from time to time as I follow the hairdressers in LA that she goes to. Not only is she beautiful with an amazing body but she has the cutest short hair-do!

The problem when you have hair that grows like weeds, like mine, is that the shall-I-chop-my-hair-off dilemma comes round all too quick. My hair has been super long, super short, and everything in between. When it's short I want it long, and vice versa. The grass is always greener, as they say! Earlier this year I had quite a big chop and found that I could style my hair really quickly and get lots of volume, something I struggle with once my hair goes past my shoulders.

Since going blonde again my hair has been pretty dry and it has always been knotty, making it a real pain to wash, dry and style. I love long hair on other people, when it is thick and luscious, but sadly that's never going to happen for me.

I am very tempted to go short again. What do you think? :)

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  1. I got my hair cut to this length on Friday and I love it - so nice to have a change although pretty sure I will grow it long again! x

  2. I have had my hair long for about 4 years now so I'm so scared to get it cut but it needs done! You might have inspired me to go for it!

    Laura | www.laurakathren.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I think you should go for it! I love that length and think you'd really suit it :)

    Bethan | Bethan Lucy

  4. She's such a beauty! I'm the worst person to ask about cutting hair as I'm a loyal long hair girl and the idea of cutting my hair short makes me feel a little woozy! I reckon you'd suit most hair cuts though :) xx


  5. She's so beautiful and I love her hair. Quite tempted to go for the chop myself!x

  6. her hair looks lovely mine is a similar length

  7. Ahh, I love her she is flawless. I think this style would really suit you it's so versatile ;)
    xxx Claire

  8. I just love shorter hair at the moment. I had mine cut just above the shoulder a couple of months ago and couldn't be happier with it. Amazing how much time I save in the morning now as well! ;) x

  9. I'm considering getting my hair cut short too, just around collar bone length, just to see what I think then possibly a little bit shorter afterwards. I can't make my mind up though! x

  10. When I first saw her in Safe Haven I was obsessed with getting my hair cut short. I do love shorter hair at the moment as well, looks more classy and chic.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  11. OOH she has me now itching to go even shorter but sadly my hair grows out before it grows down.. so I'd look a right tit. YOU HOWEVER, WOULD LOOK AMAZING! tempted for you!!! x