(a much needed) 5 good things.


I haven't done one of these posts in aaaages (June to be precise - oops!) so I figured it was about time, considering the chaotic past couple of weeks I have had. I got my first cold in forever, followed by a bout of food poisoning which left me feeling completely drained and gross, on top of lots of wedding planning worry and general anxiety. Delightful!

I have found it easy to think of good things because we have so many exciting things going on at the moment, even though it can be easy to let the doom and gloom take over sometimes.

1) I am getting married! Duh - point out the obvious, but what I mean is although it feels overwhelming at times and stressful most of the time, it's also very exciting. Someone wants to spend the rest of time with me which either makes them mad or makes me pretty brilliant.

2) The cold weather. Yes the dark mornings and dark nights suck. I can't walk the dogs without my fingers falling off. And I have to wrestle Lily and Lola out of the door when all they want to do is hibernate. But the Christmas gifts are in the shops, hot chocolate is in the cupboard, all of my favourite clothes are my jumpers and coats, and there's not much that can beat snuggling up under a blanket on the sofa in front of a film.

3) Parcel/letter swapping. I recently started to do this with a few people and it is so much fun. I treated myself to some fancy writing paper, postcards and even a wax seal kit and have been enjoying take the time to put pen to paper (even if it does hurt my hand to write for more than two seconds - does anyone else find that?!) The news that a big Paperchase shop is opening near my work is both very good and very, very bad as I will no doubt spend all my wages in there.

4) Cinema plans for the weekend. We are finally getting round to seeing Gone Girl! I enjoyed the book, apart from being a tad frustrated by the ending, so I am intrigued to see how good the film is. We are also looking forward to seeing Interstellar at the IMAX soon and the next Hunger Games installment when it comes out.

5) New hobbies. I recently ordered a papercutting kit which has been keeping me out of mischief. It is incredibly difficult and, being as clumsy as I am, I live in fear of chopping a finger off but I hope with a bit more practice I can complete some pretty projects.

What are your good things of the moment?

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  2. I don't know if I've actually congratulated you guys yet.. I hope have have but if not...eeeee so exciting!!!!

    I am definitely appreciating snail mail, we don't have the internet at home yet and won't for a while so my main way of communication is by post and it's SO much more exciting.

    hannah bee | australian lifestyle blog