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Sometimes it seems like Lily and Lola get better clothes and accessories than I do and their latest treats are no exception thanks to, a website which sells a range of personalised gifts and cards for people and pets too.

Lily and Lola recently received a parcel containing a personalised blanket and towel each which we think are absolutely adorable. The blankets are so soft and cosy and the towels are a really big size, as well as being really fluffy, which makes them great for post-bath time or for drying muddy paws.

Personalised towels and blankets c/o

Imagine what a great gift they would make for someone with a new dog as you can personalise them with any name you like. They also come in a few different colours like ivory, red, pink and blue but I like black and brown as they're the most practical.

I love the other personalised pet products too, like the slate feeding tray and the chalkboard (here's the link if you fancy a nosy).

If you don't have pets or fancy buying your pet loving friends/relatives a present like this I'd still recommend having a rummage round the website. The Christmas gift section is packed full of personalised gift ideas, searchable by the type of relative. Genius!

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  1. These are tooo cute! :) Love the blankets!

    Emily x // EmGrace

  2. Awww Lily and Lola are absolutely adorable! I really want a dog and this post hasn't helped ;) The personalised towels are very cute too :)

  3. What a brilliant site! They'd make such good gifts for pet lovers and I love to get something personalised for my Freddydog x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. OMG your dogs are the cutest!!