June favourites.


Welcome to my very first favourites blog post! I really like watching monthly favourite videos on You Tube when people talk about a mixture of things (not just beauty products) so I thought I would add mine in to the mix too. So here we go. A mixed big of all the things that have been floating my boat for the month of June.

Bath & Body Works candles and body sprays

I couldn't wait to raid this store in Florida and lucky for us we had one just a few minutes walk from our hotel, which is why my sister and I were in there most days!

The special offers were too good to miss. I got two large 3-wick candles for around $22 and the body sprays were buy 3 get 3 free (I realise 6 body sprays all to myself is excessive...)

The candles smell so good and burn down evenly (none of that uneven melting which plays havoc with my OCD) as well as leaving their scent behind which fills a room and lasts for days. I am definitely going to purchase one or two more from Ebay, even though they're pretty pricey, because they wipe the floor with Yankee Candles in my humble opinion!

The body sprays all smell amazing too and the huge bottles mean I probably won't need to buy a body spray ever again!

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation

This is less of a monthly favourite and more of an all-time favourite but it has to make an appearance regardless. It's the only foundation that lasts all day on my oily skin and although it's creeping up towards £30 the bottles do last for ages. It covers up my acne scars and blemishes without feeling cakey, so for that it's worth every penny!

Peanut Butter M&Ms

Having developed a severe M&M obsession during our recent trip to Florida it was unfortunate that I discovered that the poundshop near my work sell all manner of American sweets; peanut butter M&Ms being one of them. I made my way through a whole box at the weekend and it was heaven!


I obviously need something healthy to counteract the above. Enter my new smoothie maker by Breville (this one!) It was only £20 when I bought it but it's currently about £26 which is still pretty good. I selected the free Super Saver Delivery option was ace - dispatched the same day, arrived the following day! The blender works really well, even with ice cubes. The best bit is that the container that does the mixing doubles up as a sports bottle so there's minimal mess/washing up. I can tell I'm going to be making a lot of smoothies from now on...

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream

I treated myself to a few Kiehl's goodies last month as my skin was feeling clogged after my holiday and I had run out of cleanser. I like to switch my products up now and again (apart from my Clearasil pads which I swear by!) and I haven't used Kiehl's before so off I toddled to the counter at House of Fraser.

I wanted an eye cream that would brighten my dark circles and prevent fine lines (I'm 30 next year, fine lines are now an issue!) so the counter assistant recommended this one.

At £32 it's not cheap but I have been shocked at how well this works. I noticed an improvement straight away. It's definitely good at brightening the under eye area. It's not greasy or thick so it sinks in really quickly. The pot is a decent size, and a little bit of product goes a long way, so I envisage this lasting me for quite a while.

Time will tell whether it makes me look 20 again though! Miracles do happen.

What have you been loving throughout June?

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  1. I'm definitely going to nip into Bath & Bodyworks when I'm in America - those candles sound amazing and the body sprays are so pretty (velvet sugar, yum!).

    I've been thinking of getting a new face cream to prevent fine lines since I turned 25 but it doesn't feel 'right' yet - but then will it ever?!


  2. Lovely favourites post - I always love having a nosy at these :) Those candles look amazing!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. Lovely post! I got addicted to M&M's when I went to America and now I'm sad I can't get them! ;)


  4. I love reading these posts/videos swell, I'm a little nosey for all the great things out there! I've just bought the smoothie maker as well after watching Tanya Burr's video - you too??

  5. @Catherine - No - I spotted it on a healthy Instagram account :) x

  6. Great post. I'm currently waiting for my June Favourites video to upload. I only ever do beauty favourites, but I really should include other favourites. Peanut butter M&Ms sound amazing. I am going to have to look out for them. They seam to do so many amazing M&Ms in the states. I remember Anna Saccone talking about carrot cake ones, they sound amazing! I have been tempted to get a smoothie maker for a while. x

  7. The boardwalk scent of candle sounds amazing, I must check it out !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  8. I really like favourite posts! i'm nosy. hehe. I also swear by those clearasil pads so so good, I forgot to take them away with me last week and really noticed a change in my skin so had to go buy more. M&M's are my favourite chocolate mmmmmm.

    My june loving has been birthday celebrations and my new new balance trainers :-) xx

  9. You've just reminded me - I meant to pop into the pound shop in town earlier as I've heard ours also stock pb m&ms! I love them!! I'll have to go get some asap :) Can't beat a lovely smoothie to start your day too.
    I wish bath & bodyworks were available in the UK! I sometimes buy my favourite candle (mahogany teakwood) on ebay, but it would be great if they had a store here xx

  10. I am addicted tp peanut butter M&Ms... was it a poundland or a poundworld?


  11. Those candles look so heavenly! Beautiful blog!

    Tsui Chung.
    Fashion Ganache.

  12. Great post! My husband has recently returned from America and I made sure he stocked up on the Bath & Body Works candles...they are so amazing!! And I completely agree...so much better than the Yankee candles!