Sunshine and Sangria.


Saturday was one of those days where you sit back and think "aaaah, isn't this lovely?" I don't get to see my sister and her husband very often as they live on the Isle of Man but they were back for a flying visit at the weekend to pick up a new car so they came to see us on Saturday for lunch. My mum and dad drove over from Leeds so the six of us spent the afternoon eating, drinking and catching up in our back garden in the glorious sunshine.

Jonathan made burgers with a mozzarella middle and cooked them on the BBQ. I was on crisps and dips duty, made a big salad and some halloumi kebabs, and made sure everyone was full of Sangria, beer or soft drinks (for the drivers).

Lily and Lola sat patiently under the table waiting for scraps of food to be dropped. Ever the optimists.

My mum is known for making delicious puddings and came armed with a berry pavlova (which was out of this world!) and an amaretto dark chocolate torte which was so rich and creamy. I had a slice of each. Would be rude not to, right?

After food, cake, a brew and a few games it was just me and Jonathan and a mound of washing up. How we managed to use every plate, utensil and piece of cutlery in our kitchen I will never know.

I hope you all had a good one and the sun shone for you?

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Life lately.


Cauliflower pizza! (using this recipe) I had a stab at making one recently and I loved it! I love regular pizza but it doesn't love me, so this is the perfect alternative. It tasted so good and you can add any toppings you like. Will definitely make this again!

Adventures in Sheffield. We have been out and about on the weekends, exploring different areas, looking for cottages and character properties to move to.

Enjoying the sunshine. We have been out in the garden at every opportunity, as have Lily and Lola. It gets too hot for them at times but they love nothing more than to sunbathe!

Patterned trousers. I've been brave, buying three pairs of pattern trousers in the past couple of months. These are my favourite black and white numbers from River Island. I wore them out to tea with Jonathan a couple of weekends ago.
New-but-old workouts. I had a date with my good friend Jillian last night, whose workouts I have neglected for quite some time. I forgot how good (and hard, sweaty, brutal, etc) they are! This one is my favourite. I'd like to build up to doing it all the way through, no pausing, like I used to do.

Putting the world to rights over wine and cocktails, on several occasions!

What have you been up to lately?

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Kallo review and hamper giveaway! (NOW CLOSED)


I have been a fan of Kallo chocolate covered rice cake thins since I saw them gracing the aisles of Holland & Barrett a few months ago. At around 55 calories they seemed like the perfect snack to have stashed in my desk at work for when those chocolate cravings appear (that would be most days then..)

Kallo recently got in touch with me to offer my blog readers the chance to win a hamper full of treats and kindly offered me the chance to try out a few new things too. I don't often see Kallo in the shops, apart from Holland & Barrett, so it has been great to find some new snack ideas.

My favourites are still the rice cake thins which come in milk chocolate (which I had already tried), dark chocolate and also milk chocolate with caramel pieces on which are as good as they sound!

My favourites, apart from the chocolate covered rice cakes, are the smoked paprika flavour which are so tasty and come in at only 34 calories each. I eat them on their own or with some nut butter on. I also really like the salt and vinegar flavour.

My Kallo giveaway is open to anyone from the UK who follows my blog. All you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter device below. It's as easy as that! One lucky winner will receive the following goodies:

Lightly salted rice cakes
Organic unsalted rice cakes
Organic lightly salted rice cakes
Organic sesame seed rice cakes
Corn cakes
Sea salt & balsamic rice & corn cakes
Blueberry & vanilla rice & corn cakes
Belgian milk chocolate rice cake thins x2
Belgian dark chocolate rice cake thins x2
Organic garlic & herb stock cubes
Organic tomato & herb stock cubes
Organic chicken stock cubes
Organic vegetable stock cubes

Good luck!

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A Pug post (featuring Bottomless Bowl).


It has been a while since Lily and Lola had their own post on my space of the internet so I thought I would rectify that. While I'm here I want to share a website called who recently sent them some goodies to try, all in the name of highlighting their Bottomless Bowl service.

Lily and Lola eat a lot. They're really greedy. With food, snacks and dental sticks it's an expensive business having dogs (as I'm sure all pet owners will agree!) so it's good to save the pennies where you can.

Bottomless Bowl is a subscription service on Pet Shop Bowl which saves you money, removes the need to lug heavy sacks of pet food round when doing your grocery shopping and (as the name suggests) makes sure you never run out of food! That last one happens to us all the time which results in a mad dash to Morrisons to stock up. It's also one less thing to worry about when you're a busy couple who work full time and do a million and one things in between.

All you do is find the pet food you need, add it to your cart then select your delivery preference - every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, and so on. Such a brilliant idea!

Inside Lily and Lola's box they found Dentastix, Lily's Kitchen dry food and, the one we were most intrigued by, Symply food trays. The Symply food trays are packed full of turkey, rice and veg, are hypoallergenic and Lily and Lola absolutely loved them. I will be ordering some in the future and will be selecting a Bottomless Bowl option on my order for sure!

I hope this is helpful to some of my fellow pet owners. You can find also Pet Shop Bowl on Facebook here.

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Bike riding, bright white Converse and bums.


Hot weather fills me with fear. I absolutely despise getting my legs out because I despise my legs! Normally when it's warm I still throw on jeans or leggings to cover them up and then I feel more comfortable (albeit sweating like a pig) but as there was an element of physical activity involved in our plans yesterday I had to raid my summer clothes drawer and dust off a pair of shorts.

We headed out in the blazing sunshine to run a few errands before meeting up with friends and heading to Clumber Park for a bike ride. The last time I went on a bike ride I was probably about 12 years old, cycling in the local woods with my friend, so you could say I was rather nervous.

I couldn't keep in a straight line for the first half an hour, it was rather amusing (for everyone else more than me), but then I got into the swing of things and it was actually quite peaceful cycling round such pretty surroundings, picking up a bit of speed and feeling the warm air on my skin. I don't think I'll be buying a bike any time soon but I'd definitely go back to Clumber Park and hire a bike for a couple of hours.

I have wanted a pair of white Converse for ages so I finally ordered a pair of Chuck Taylor's recently (c/o Sarenza) and gave them their first outing yesterday. I want them to stay bright white forever but we all know that's not likely to happen.

My ace watermelon shorts are for Primark and were a firm favourite in Florida. They're such a great fit. I like that they're high waisted but still cover up my bits and bobs (nobody sane wants their bum cheeks hanging out do they?!) My tee is from Mango and my sunnies are prescription Ray Bans from Vision Express. Pug bum is models own ;)

I hope you've had some sunshine this weekend wherever you are!

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Ulley reservoir.


After a few cocktails on Friday night I woke on Saturday feeling tired and hungry, so Saturday's plan was to take a drive somewhere, go for a walk and get lunch in a country pub.

We didn't want to go too far so we settled on Ulley reservoir which is a short drive from where we live. It turns out Ulley is a beautiful village with humongous houses and sweet little cottages. It was so quiet and peaceful, we could have moved right in!

We parked up at a pub and strolled down to the reservoir where we saw ducks, birds and dozens of blue damselflies. Signs told us we could have seen some water voles but in the words of Jonathan "I don't see any water voles but I can see a Capri Sun". Why are people such litter bugs?!

Our lunch at the pub was a bit disappointing but we really enjoyed our walk. I love that we have such scenic places to go walking on our doorstep. All that walking and fresh air did me the world of good!

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June favourites.


Welcome to my very first favourites blog post! I really like watching monthly favourite videos on You Tube when people talk about a mixture of things (not just beauty products) so I thought I would add mine in to the mix too. So here we go. A mixed big of all the things that have been floating my boat for the month of June.

Bath & Body Works candles and body sprays

I couldn't wait to raid this store in Florida and lucky for us we had one just a few minutes walk from our hotel, which is why my sister and I were in there most days!

The special offers were too good to miss. I got two large 3-wick candles for around $22 and the body sprays were buy 3 get 3 free (I realise 6 body sprays all to myself is excessive...)

The candles smell so good and burn down evenly (none of that uneven melting which plays havoc with my OCD) as well as leaving their scent behind which fills a room and lasts for days. I am definitely going to purchase one or two more from Ebay, even though they're pretty pricey, because they wipe the floor with Yankee Candles in my humble opinion!

The body sprays all smell amazing too and the huge bottles mean I probably won't need to buy a body spray ever again!

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation

This is less of a monthly favourite and more of an all-time favourite but it has to make an appearance regardless. It's the only foundation that lasts all day on my oily skin and although it's creeping up towards £30 the bottles do last for ages. It covers up my acne scars and blemishes without feeling cakey, so for that it's worth every penny!

Peanut Butter M&Ms

Having developed a severe M&M obsession during our recent trip to Florida it was unfortunate that I discovered that the poundshop near my work sell all manner of American sweets; peanut butter M&Ms being one of them. I made my way through a whole box at the weekend and it was heaven!


I obviously need something healthy to counteract the above. Enter my new smoothie maker by Breville (this one!) It was only £20 when I bought it but it's currently about £26 which is still pretty good. I selected the free Super Saver Delivery option was ace - dispatched the same day, arrived the following day! The blender works really well, even with ice cubes. The best bit is that the container that does the mixing doubles up as a sports bottle so there's minimal mess/washing up. I can tell I'm going to be making a lot of smoothies from now on...

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream

I treated myself to a few Kiehl's goodies last month as my skin was feeling clogged after my holiday and I had run out of cleanser. I like to switch my products up now and again (apart from my Clearasil pads which I swear by!) and I haven't used Kiehl's before so off I toddled to the counter at House of Fraser.

I wanted an eye cream that would brighten my dark circles and prevent fine lines (I'm 30 next year, fine lines are now an issue!) so the counter assistant recommended this one.

At £32 it's not cheap but I have been shocked at how well this works. I noticed an improvement straight away. It's definitely good at brightening the under eye area. It's not greasy or thick so it sinks in really quickly. The pot is a decent size, and a little bit of product goes a long way, so I envisage this lasting me for quite a while.

Time will tell whether it makes me look 20 again though! Miracles do happen.

What have you been loving throughout June?

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