Orlando, Florida - Disney's Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom.


This will be my last Florida post as it's far too depressing to talk about it anymore - to read my other posts click > here! :)

Disney's Hollywood Studios is a firm favourite thanks to it being the home of my favourite ride, the Hollywood Tower of Terror! It fills me with fear but I ride it, and love it, every time.

This year it was the nemesis for Jonathan who has a slightly more apprehensive approach to rides, especially when they're in the dark / inside and he can't see what's going to happen. We had a Fast Pass for this which was great as the line was around 40 minutes long, so luckily he didn't have long to ponder his doom for too long. Turns out he loved it and it's now his favourite too!

Hollywood Studios is home to other delights such as the Aerosmith Rock n Roller Coaster, Star Tours (a Star Wars simulator which has been updated since our last visit and is now a hundred times better - so fun!), the Backlot Tour and some great shows such as "Lights, Motor, Action!", Beauty & the Beast, and an Indiana Jones stunt show.

We also took a ride on The Great Movie Ride with the most lackluster driver ever who provided us with a few chuckles for the rest of that day. It's still worth a go though, especially as there are two versions to experience!

Sadly, just like our last trip in 2009, we couldn't get on Toy Story Midway Mania as we've never managed to see the queue less than 60 minutes and all of the Fast Passes went like hot cakes. Even though we got to the park early and headed there first it seems everyone else had the same idea. Next time we visit I am determined to ride it (and that "next time" might not be too far away as I think we may be planning a trip back!)

We also spent a full day at Animal Kingdom which is home to Expedition Everest - a forwards/backwards adventure to hunt for a yeti! Definitely a favourite for all six of us.

Other attractions we visited were Dinosaur, the Kali River Rapids where there is absolutely no seat that doesn't get soaked, the 3D "It's a Bug's Life" show and the safari jeep tour which takes you round the grounds of Animal Kingdom and gets you up close and personal with the beautiful animals.

I hope you have enjoyed having a sneak peek at some of my holiday photos! We also visited the two Disney water parks but I didn't take a camera so I only have one or two shots from there, but I'll probably include them in a future post if you'd like a nosy.

I wish I could go every year! If you've got any plans to go for the first time and you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask below.

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time :) We are planning to do the same next year - do you book yours yourself or through a travel agent?

  2. I really enjoyed reading your Florida posts, thanks for sharing!


  3. What does the nemesis ride consist of? We were only there last yr and I cant remember this ride! Is it new? X

  4. Tower of terror sounds petrifying but I really wanna try it sometime...may need to plan a Florida trip in the near future...loved your posts - thanks for sharing your holiday! :-) xx

  5. @Kate - I think you misread or I wasn't clear. I said Tower of Terror was his nemesis :)

  6. @Rosie - In the past we have booked with Virgin and done the flight/hotel/car all in one go but this time we did it separately.


  7. Oh Victoria, I've really enjoyed all your Florida posts, looks like you all had an amazing time and its made me sooooo want to go back!! Also I love ALL of your outfits (especially the watermelon shorts!) xx