5 good things.


I thought I would do one last blog post before we head off on our holiday and after a pretty hectic week I thought it would be good to share my 5 good things:

1) We are going to Florida tomorrow!!! I may have mentioned it... ;) I will take lots of photos no doubt and share our trip with you when we get back. We have got an action packed 2 weeks and I'm excited to go back to Orlando. It is Jonathan's first time, but my family and I have all been before, so it should be a really fun trip!

2) McBusted! My friend and I went to the Leeds concert on Wednesday and it was amazing. Our seats were right near the front so we had a brilliant view and Dougie (my favourite) spent most of his time at our side of the arena. He must have known I was there! :)

I was a huge Busted fan back in their day so I loved singing along to their songs on Wednesday night and finally seeing them in the flesh! I have seen McFly once before when they switched on the Leeds Christmas lights many moons ago, my Sister and I were right at the front, but it was good to see them again. They get better with age!

3) My new goodies from Toms. You may have spotted my sunnies in one of my recent posts, they're the Adeline tortoise gold and they're pretty fancy. I'm sure you will agree! They were kindly sent to me along with my very first pair of slip-on Toms in a pretty shade of pink. They're a perfect fit and really comfortable so they will make an appearance in one or two of my holiday outfit photos for definite. They're in my suitcase ready to go!

I love their "one for one" policy. It's such a neat idea!

c/o Toms

4) Girls (the tv series, not just in general). I started watching season one a few weeks ago and not long after I had made my way through three seasons! I'm hooked.

5) These guys. I miss them already.

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  1. Those sunnies look awesome. After yrs of the same Oakley sunglasses I'm hunting new shades. Had a great holiday! X

  2. Have an amazing holiday! xx

  3. AW! PUG! <3 I hope you have a lovely trip! :) x

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  4. Have an absolutely amazing holiday! I'm pretty jealous... but looking forward to seeing your holiday posts when you're back! :) x

  5. Oh my goodness, Victoria, I hope you're having an amazing time in Orlando! I actually feel excited for you! I can't wait to see the photographs from your trip and read all about it. I think I'll have to use your photographs to get me through the next six months before I go away!


    p.s. no matter how many times I see Lily and Lola I can't get over how adorable they are! Those little faces! :)

  6. Those sunnies are gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely holiday! Looking forward to reading about it! :) x

  7. I need some Toms in my life! When I first read "Girls" I thought um.. haha glad you cleared it up for me X