Blue Raspberry Pug scarf (and giveaway!) NOW CLOSED


I have an ever increasing collection of scarves which just grew in size thanks to this addition from Blue Raspberry. I'm a sucker for anything Pug related and this pretty pink Pug print scarf doesn't disappoint!

The material is so soft, not to mention the print is adorable, and I plan to wear it A LOT with jeans and tees over the coming months.

They are available to buy online at if you're interested!

c/o Blue Raspberry Scarves

Now the exciting part is that I've got 3 of these beauties to give away to you lovely lot! There's only a couple of requirements. You must be subscribed to my blog and head on over to the Blue Raspberry Facebook page and if you like what you see, click "like"!

I will close the giveaway at midnight on Saturday 7 June 2014, pick 3 winners at random then contact each of the winners either by email, Twitter or via a blog. Please make sure there is a way for me to contact you.

Good luck! :)

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Orlando, Florida - Two visits to Magic Kingdom (including Wishes Fireworks).


Magic Kingdom is probably the main park you think of when you think about Florida. With Cinderella's castle, parades, fireworks, rides for young children and classics such as Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean it's a popular choice for all, young and old!

Popular is the word I'd use to sum up our first visit. My oh my, it was busy! Having been used to the fairly quiet Universal parks the Magic Kingdom queue times were a bit of a shock but luckily we arrived early and powered on to see as much as possible.

We managed to ride Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin (my mum loves that one!), Splash Mountain (our longest queue of the day stood in the baking heat, ouch!), Big Thunder Mountain, It's A Small World (classic!), The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. We made good use of the Fast Pass system (which has now changed - you don't get a ticket on the entrance to each ride, you have to plan in advance!) and got straight on to Space Mountain when the queue was around 65 minutes. We also stopped for lunch and had a nosy round the shops including the Christmas shop which was ace.

We went back for a second visit on our last night to see the Electrical Parade and the Wishes Fireworks. Having been to Florida 5 times before but never staying up late enough to see the fireworks I was a tad excited!

The 6 of us split off into twos so Jonathan and I scoped out a good spot on Main Street and waited there for the parade to start. It was a great experience, if a little short, but our view was perfect and it was good fun seeing the characters and the impressive floats decked out in lights. Not long after the parade finished the light projection show and fireworks started.

Ahh the light show and fireworks were magical. Can I go back now?! :(

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Orlando, Florida - Two visits to Islands of Adventure.


See my other Florida posts here!

As well as visiting Universal Studios twice we also visited Islands of Adventure twice, which is my favourite park (and now Jonathan's too!)

It's huge, split into different lands; Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, The Lost Continent, and finally Seuss Landing (or first depending on which direction you go in when you enter the park).

Basically everyone heads to the Harry Potter section first because it's new and because it's awesome. Last time I visited Orlando in 2009 they were just building it so I was incredibly excited to see it for the first time. It didn't disappoint! I loved being in "Hogsmeade" drinking Butterbeer and looking at all the detail in the shop windows.

Inside Hogwarts castle you will find a ride called "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" which is like nothing else I've been on before so it's kind of hard to describe. I will say that it's utterly brilliant and my whole family loved it (even the second time when it temporarily broke down while we were flat on our backs!)

The attention to detail that Islands of Adventure does so well continues inside Hogwarts castle which is where you queue for this ride. You'll see Dumbledore in his office, talking portraits, and even Ron, Harry and Hermione up to no good in a Potions class.

Islands of Adventure is home to some of my all time favourites; Spiderman 3D, The Hulk rollercoaster, Jurassic Park River Adventure and Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls which is hilarious. You get soaked from head to toe which is great on a sunny day to cool down (as long as you don't mind having soggy knickers!)

It's good old fashioned grown up fun!

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Orlando, Florida - two visits to Universal Studios.


The next stop on our holiday was Universal Studios which is one of my favourite parks. With the addition of the Rip Ride Rockit rollercoaster there's now a really good mixture of rides and something for everyone.

Unfortunately the Jaws ride has closed since my last visit but it is making way for a new Harry Potter section which opens this Summer. We got a peek at the top of the buildings and it looks amazing. It will be the home to a Gringotts vault ride and a Hogwarts Express train that travels to the other park, Islands of Adventure!

All 6 of us visited Universal Studios on our first week then 4 of us went back another day towards the end of our holiday to ride a few of the rides again and, most importantly, pick up some Lard Lad donuts.

The Springfield area of the park is my favourite. There's a Kwik-E-Mart and Moe's Tavern. You get to meet the characters. You can buy Duff Beer and Lard Lad's. There's a food court where you can get Krusty Burgers. And there's The Simpsons ride which is good as long as you don't suffer from motion sickness!

I really enjoyed the Rip Ride Rockit rollercoaster which I rode for the first time. Before you set off you get to pick a song to have pumped into your ears as you go round. I opted for MC Hammer "U Can't Touch This" (classic) and had a whale of a time. At 1 minute and 45 seconds this is a long coaster, so you definitely get your money's worth!

The Transformers 3D ride deserves a mention. This was also new to us (however it is similar to the Spiderman 3D ride at Islands of Adventure) and we all loved it. The visuals were incredible and at times it was hard to work out how the whole thing was working. A really awesome experience! We headed to this ride first and only queued for 5 or 10 minutes. Result!

Other rides which are worth a visit are The Mummy, Men In Black Alien Attack, and the hilarious "Disaster!" which is a ride and general giggle rolled into one.

Have you been to Universal Studios Florida or any other Universal parks?

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Orlando, Florida - Epcot.


I'm back from my 2 weeks away after a sunny and fun-filled trip to Orlando, Florida. Before I slip into full on post-holiday depression mode I thought I should sort through my photos as I wanted to share some with you all. Don't worry - there won't be 14 of these posts as some days were rest days and some days I will merge into one blog post!

I didn't take my "proper" camera as I didn't want to carry it round with me, especially as I go on all manner of rides and rollercoasters, but I wish I had taken it now, if only to capture the animals at Animal Kingdom! Not to worry. My little digital camera didn't do a bad job. It just means we need to book another trip so I can take more photos! ;)

We (we is Jonathan, my mum, dad, sister, brother in law, and me!) arrived on a Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of that day unpacking, resting, having a quick bite to eat then an early night ready for an early start the next day. Our hotel was on International Drive near the Convention Centre. It was the Hyatt Regency, formerly The Peabody, and it was absolutely fabulous! We usually stay in the Rosen Plaza opposite but we got a great deal on the Hyatt and it was very plush.

Our first full day was spent at Epcot, which is one of the Disney World parks. Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow if you didn't know! It has a couple of big rides (Test Track being one of my all time favourites) but it's more of an experience than a thrill ride place.

There are educational rides, lots of shops, fountains that dance to music, a butterfly house, and you can even travel round "the World" if you visit the World Showcase. You'll find countries like Germany, Canada, Italy, Norway and even good ol' England which have been recreated complete with themed restaurants and performance artists. We stopped in Germany for our lunch - beer and bratwurst, yum! Germany was also where we found the Christmas shop where we spent ages perusing the ornaments. We also paid a visit to the boat ride in Norway is pretty fun!

If you look at the photos with the water in the background you can see parts of the World Showcase behind. The attention to detail in each country is incredible. England is complete with a pub where you can get fish and chips amongst other traditional grub, a red telephone box, traditional cottages and a shop that sells UK chocolate if you miss the taste of home!

The flower festival was on while we were visiting so we got to see all our favourite Disney characters in plant versions. I managed to find Winnie the Pooh - he's my favourite.

I didn't take many photos here as we were so busy dashing round trying to see everything. Epcot is huge and our feet were aching by the end of our first day, so we admitted defeat and headed home for a bite to eat and most importantly a sit down!

Stay tuned for the next post!

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5 good things.


I thought I would do one last blog post before we head off on our holiday and after a pretty hectic week I thought it would be good to share my 5 good things:

1) We are going to Florida tomorrow!!! I may have mentioned it... ;) I will take lots of photos no doubt and share our trip with you when we get back. We have got an action packed 2 weeks and I'm excited to go back to Orlando. It is Jonathan's first time, but my family and I have all been before, so it should be a really fun trip!

2) McBusted! My friend and I went to the Leeds concert on Wednesday and it was amazing. Our seats were right near the front so we had a brilliant view and Dougie (my favourite) spent most of his time at our side of the arena. He must have known I was there! :)

I was a huge Busted fan back in their day so I loved singing along to their songs on Wednesday night and finally seeing them in the flesh! I have seen McFly once before when they switched on the Leeds Christmas lights many moons ago, my Sister and I were right at the front, but it was good to see them again. They get better with age!

3) My new goodies from Toms. You may have spotted my sunnies in one of my recent posts, they're the Adeline tortoise gold and they're pretty fancy. I'm sure you will agree! They were kindly sent to me along with my very first pair of slip-on Toms in a pretty shade of pink. They're a perfect fit and really comfortable so they will make an appearance in one or two of my holiday outfit photos for definite. They're in my suitcase ready to go!

I love their "one for one" policy. It's such a neat idea!

c/o Toms

4) Girls (the tv series, not just in general). I started watching season one a few weeks ago and not long after I had made my way through three seasons! I'm hooked.

5) These guys. I miss them already.

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