Walking on sunshine.


I love this time of year when the evenings are lighter and the sun makes more of an appearance, granted it is a bit hit and miss this week! But even if it's cold you can still get out and about and make the most of the weekends and evenings.

The weekend before last we decided to go back to Rother Valley Country Park (see our last visit here) to walk round the lake, get an ice cream and soak up some sunshine. This time Lily and Lola accompanied us so it was less of a hike and more of a gentle stroll :)

my new sunnies are c/o Toms but more on them another time!

They were very well behaved (for a change!) even when we saw another Pug and an array of children on scooters and bikes (not their favourite combo) and did well getting round the lake with their little legs. Lily hitched a lift with Jonathan a couple of times because she has got him wrapped round her little finger (or you know, paw).

We had a lovely walk and it has made me want to do it more often. My friend and I plan to get back into our regular walking after work, starting off yesterday with a 3 mile walk. Last year we went out walking together most weeks and even did a 14 mile charity walk in the Dales so there's no excuse not to keep it up!

GoWalk walking shoes by Skechers c/o Sarenza

The best bit about all this exploring is I get to wear my new Skechers which I ordered recently with one of my ambassador vouchers. I have wanted a pair of Skechers walking shoes for a while since my mum picked up a snazzy slip-on pair so I was pleased to find that the GoWalk range offered a pink and grey combo.

They will also be super useful for our holiday to Florida which is coming up in just over a week for all that walking round the theme parks. I need to make sure my feet are happy and these shoes will do the job nicely. They have cushioning inside the sole so it's like walking on cotton wool. Happy days!

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  1. What gorgeous pictures! I love your tee, too xx

  2. Sounds like a dream weekend walking the puggys in the sunshine :)

    Such lovely photographs and ahhh i'm so jealous you're going to Florida! Already looking forward to seeing your piccys!

    Taz and Bear

  3. I could not want a dog more than I do right now….it's what warm spring days were made for I'm sure!



  4. Looks like you had a lovely time. I miss walking my doggys so much, especially as the weather gets nicer.
    Love the tee you are wearing.

  5. The girls look really cute and happy! Love the colour of your hoodie :-) xx

  6. Lovely photos - I must remember to start taking more photos when I'm out!!

  7. Love the photos - can't wait to see more of the sunglasses too :)

    North of London - Beauty Blog

  8. Lily and Lola are such cuties!


  9. Lovely, heart warming pictures as usual :)

    Jimmy Chew met his first pug yesterday - her name was Peppa Pug! She was so cute although a little too friendly for JC's liking!

    Caroline x