Ray Ban Erikas.


I used to be obsessed with sunglasses and have a small but rather pricey collection of designer sunglasses to show for it. I used to go for oversized frames that were half the size of my face but these days I go for slightly more subtle sunnies.

Introducing my new Ray Bans! Aren't they beauties? I struggle to find sunglasses that suit my face shape but the Erika style by Ray Ban fit the bill. I already have a rather safe tortoiseshell pair but I couldn't resist a slightly jazzier pair. After umm-ing and ah-ing over the different colours I went for a pinky/purple frame which I love!

The Erika frames also come in black if you like to play it safe, or slightly louder colours like blue, yellow, red and purple. I adore the pastel frames which I think must be discontinued as you don't tend to see them around anymore.

The thing I like about Ray Bans, whether its their glasses or sunglasses, is that the quality is always great. With a price tag of £88 the Erika style don't break the bank but you get a lovely pair of sunnies that will last for years to come.

Now we just need the sunshine to stick around!

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  1. Love the colour of these! Lovely pics too :)

  2. Ooh I like these, the colour is lovely!

  3. Love it! And it's not a bad price for a pair of Ray Bans!

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  4. LOVE them, great colour and shape. I have an ASOS pair for fear of breaking Raybans. One day when I'm a little less clumsy perhaps!

  5. They really suit you and I love the colour x

  6. I've been debating over a new pair of raybans or oakleys for the last few weeks....I've always had oakleys and love the frogskins, but wonder if it's time to be a bit more sensible with my shade? Or is that just a silly idea?

  7. The last picture is my fave :)

  8. The last picture is my fave :)

  9. oooh! I really wanna add these to my collection. Love the colour of them :-) I feel a purchase coming on...thanks ;-p xx

  10. LOVE these!!
    If I won, these beauties would be coming with me to float in the Dead Sea in Israel later this month, help me look cool when I drink copious amounts of Prosecco and scoff pizza in Tuscany in June and then hide my hugover eyes when I'm partying for my 30th in Vegas in October.
    Basically - I need these in my life! xx
    Amy - (A)My Space