Life lately.


Hi folks! I hope you're all having a good week? The past few weeks have flown by in a bit of a whirlwind for me. Normally when I am on a holiday countdown time goes verrryyy slowly but it feels like my holiday will be here in no time. Actually, 4 1/2 weeks isn't actually very long so I'm sure it will be here in a flash!

I'm ready for some sun on my pasty skin, ready to hit Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret for a spot of shopping and ready to consume my body weight in Baby Ruth's and Take 5 bars.

It was Jonathan's 31st birthday on Saturday so we had a lovely day. We went into Sheffield for a stroll and a spot of lunch before heading off to a foot massage (present from me.. he did want one, it's not as random as it sounds!) and I busied myself having a quick trim and blow dry. After a spot of shopping and picking up a few bits for Mother's Day we had a relaxing afternoon at home eating the buns I had baked the night before.

Ring from my sister's shop - link!

I had a disastrous baking session as the electric whisk broke before my mixture was combined and the oven was too hot but they turned out okay. Actually they weren't bad at all. They taste a lot better than they look let's put it that way! Here's the recipe if you want to have a slightly more successful attempt.

In the evening we tried somewhere new for tea, NYC in Bawtry - Doncaster, and it was superb. We will be going back no doubt about it! The ribs were to die for and I basically got through a bucket of Jack Daniels sauce dunking anything and everything into it!

On Sunday we spent the day separately with our families. I drove to Leeds and spent the day with my mum and dad, eating homemade Jamie Oliver burgers, watching The Walking Dead, consuming more lemon drizzle buns(!) and looking through old photo albums for the lols.

Jonathan cooked for his mum and family and we reunited in the evening for a few cuddles and a spot of telly before the start of a brand new week.

What did you get up to at the weekend? I am still recovering from losing an hour of sleep. Although the sunny journeys home from work and evenings are most welcome.

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  1. This sounds like such a lovely weekend - Jonathan looks very dapper in his suit jacket!

    I actually feel so excited for you as you get closer to your holiday - ahh, it must feel so amazing that it's finally almost here!


    p.s. that last photo of you and Lily and Lola is SO cute - one to be framed, for sure!

  2. I'm with you on the suffering from the time change, I did a late saturday and early sunday and it killed me :(

    Sounds like a fab weekend lovely xxx

  3. Love the last photo of you with your girls - so cute!
    Sounds like you had a really lovely weekend! The JD sauce sounds incredible! And the cakes you made look good! Gotta love lemon drizzle! A weekend full of good food and company - can't go wrong :)
    Totally jealous of your upcoming holiday...especially Bath & Bodyworks!! My best friend's sis is off to NY in May and I'm already compiling a list of things I want her to get me from that place! xx

  4. i'm in love with your ring and those dogs are ADORABLE. and amen to being ready for some sunshine!

  5. Those buns look scrumptious - definitely not a disaster at al! Really love that ring from your sister's shop too. Think I might just have to go and check it out (despite the fact that I'm on a spending ban for the rest of this month!!).

  6. Your hair is looking lovely! :)
    Looks like a wonderful time, and those cakes look yummy.

  7. i had a rather crazy Saturday, helping to run a Brownie fun day for about 800 kids from the county. In comparison my Sunday was nice and relaxed and even involved reading the papers in the garden :)

  8. Gorgeous pictures as usual, you look lovely. I'm on the holiday countdown too...Vegas again! 4 weeks for me! I definitely be getting a spray tan before tackling those pool parties...

    I hope the time flies for you! Love to the adorable pugs :)

    Caroline x

  9. aww your pugs make my heart cute. I love the orange trim on your jacket too x

  10. ooo Bawtry is only about 20 mins away across town for us, so will have to check this place out! My bf is obsessed with jack daniel's sauce.

  11. I have that jacket too - love it! Sounds like such a lovely weekend and that ring is just gorgeous!

    Louise // What Louise is Loving

  12. LOVE your ring, so gorgeous! x

  13. Your pug babies have made me fall in love with pugs!!

  14. Oh man, I looove Take5 bars! I eat so many when I visit friends in the States! xo