Ray Ban Erikas.


I used to be obsessed with sunglasses and have a small but rather pricey collection of designer sunglasses to show for it. I used to go for oversized frames that were half the size of my face but these days I go for slightly more subtle sunnies.

Introducing my new Ray Bans! Aren't they beauties? I struggle to find sunglasses that suit my face shape but the Erika style by Ray Ban fit the bill. I already have a rather safe tortoiseshell pair but I couldn't resist a slightly jazzier pair. After umm-ing and ah-ing over the different colours I went for a pinky/purple frame which I love!

The Erika frames also come in black if you like to play it safe, or slightly louder colours like blue, yellow, red and purple. I adore the pastel frames which I think must be discontinued as you don't tend to see them around anymore.

The thing I like about Ray Bans, whether its their glasses or sunglasses, is that the quality is always great. With a price tag of £88 the Erika style don't break the bank but you get a lovely pair of sunnies that will last for years to come.

Now we just need the sunshine to stick around!

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John Frieda giveaway! (NOW CLOSED)


I have a rather exciting and generous giveaway for my blog subscribers today courtesy of John Frieda who I'm sure you are all familiar with. Their products grace the aisles of Boots and I have used their "blonde" and Full Repair products with great results!

If you have frizzy, unruly hair then this is the giveaway for you! One lucky person (UK only - sorry International readers!) could win one of each of products listed and pictured below:

* Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum
* Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum
* Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum
* New Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Creme Serum
* New Frizz Ease Unwind Curls Calming Creme
* New Frizz Ease Go Curlier Heat Activated Spray
* New Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir
* Frizz Ease Dream Curls & Shampoo & Conditioner
* Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Mask

Reviews and more info on all of the above products can be found on the John Frieda website so be sure to check that out here if you want to see if these items would be suitable for your hair type.

All you have to do to be in with a chance is comment on this blog post telling me which product excites you the most and why. Be sure to leave a comment before midnight on Wednesday 30 April 2014.

This giveaway is open to subscribers of my blog who live in the UK. Please leave an email address or Twitter name to enable me to get in touch with you if you win.

Good luck! x

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Walking on sunshine.


I love this time of year when the evenings are lighter and the sun makes more of an appearance, granted it is a bit hit and miss this week! But even if it's cold you can still get out and about and make the most of the weekends and evenings.

The weekend before last we decided to go back to Rother Valley Country Park (see our last visit here) to walk round the lake, get an ice cream and soak up some sunshine. This time Lily and Lola accompanied us so it was less of a hike and more of a gentle stroll :)

my new sunnies are c/o Toms but more on them another time!

They were very well behaved (for a change!) even when we saw another Pug and an array of children on scooters and bikes (not their favourite combo) and did well getting round the lake with their little legs. Lily hitched a lift with Jonathan a couple of times because she has got him wrapped round her little finger (or you know, paw).

We had a lovely walk and it has made me want to do it more often. My friend and I plan to get back into our regular walking after work, starting off yesterday with a 3 mile walk. Last year we went out walking together most weeks and even did a 14 mile charity walk in the Dales so there's no excuse not to keep it up!

GoWalk walking shoes by Skechers c/o Sarenza

The best bit about all this exploring is I get to wear my new Skechers which I ordered recently with one of my ambassador vouchers. I have wanted a pair of Skechers walking shoes for a while since my mum picked up a snazzy slip-on pair so I was pleased to find that the GoWalk range offered a pink and grey combo.

They will also be super useful for our holiday to Florida which is coming up in just over a week for all that walking round the theme parks. I need to make sure my feet are happy and these shoes will do the job nicely. They have cushioning inside the sole so it's like walking on cotton wool. Happy days!

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Loving lately (Bumble & Bumble, baking, Enrapture Totem Styler, ASOS tees!)


* The Hairdresser's Invisible Oil by Bumble & Bumble. I took the plunge and bought a bottle of this a couple of months ago. With its steep £31 price tag I was dubious but the glowing reviews won me over and I decided to give it a go.

This stuff is seriously amazing. It is the only thing that makes my hair shiny and soft and manageable. I smooth one to two pumps over my hair when it's wet then blow dry as normal. Sometimes I smooth a tiny bit over my dry hair to get a more polished look.

I've used it daily since I bought it and to look at it you wouldn't think I'd used it at all. It will last ages!

If you have dry ends or struggle to get a brush through your hair sometimes then buy this or try to get a sample to try before you buy. You will be amazed!

* Rosie Londoner's low carb bread recipe. I try to avoid normal bread as it doesn't do much for me apart from leave me hungry then very, very bloated. I am not the best baker/cook but this recipe sounded so easy that even an amateur like me could do it.

It was so easy to make. We had all the ingredients in the cupboard already so it was just a case of whipping up the mixture before popping it in a loaf tin and baking.

It tasted great! I enjoyed my slices with either peanut butter, houmous or just plain butter. Yum!

* The Enrapture Totem Styler. I have a couple of curling devices already, both by Babyliss I believe, but I have never been able to achieve the kind of curls I want. Enter the Enrapture styler! It's so easy to get curls that stay put and don't drop out. It's also so easy to use thanks to the flipper that holds hair in place.

I prefer my shorter hair when it's wavy/messy with a bit more volume so I have been really pleased with the curling effect I get from this. I usually pop a bit of the B&B hair oil on my hands and run my fingers through the curls to separate them before finishing with a spritz of hairspray.

* Basic tees/tops. I have stocked up on a few basic tops and t shirts lately as they're so easy to chuck on with jeans or (my new found love) patterned trousers. I have found ASOS to be a great one-stop-shop for these tops and I particularly love my nude pink "forever" tshirt which they do in a few other colours.

It's so soft and comfortable and goes with pretty much anything. For £12 you can't really go wrong!

 Dune wedges c/o Sarenza

What have you been loving lately?

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Sarenza picks: three of the best.


I do love a good browse on Sarenza, especially when new styles are added. There are three brands on there that I always go to first; Converse, Melissa and Ugg Australia, so I thought I would share my top picks of the moment from each of those brands.

I am obsessed with polka dot Converse especially the pale pair below. They're so pretty! I don't own any of the high top style and would quite happily parade around in either the polka dot or pale blue pair.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

I have a few pairs of Melissa pumps which I have worn to death. They're really comfortable, despite appearances, and if you get the sizing right they mould perfectly to your feet. Also they smell like sweets which can only be a good thing.

I love the black and white sandals below which I would get so much wear out of but the pale pink heels are just divine. It's no wonder those beauties have nearly sold out!

1 / 2 / 3 

The thing I like about Ugg Australia is that their non-Ugg-boot footwear is quite a surprise in the style stakes. The sandals are really quite lovely! I especially like the nautical stripy red and blue pair. I can definitely see myself donning a pair on holiday sipping a cocktail or two.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

Have any of these styles caught your eye? Don't blame me for enabling! :)

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How I got rid of my acne (and why I got it in the first place).


I have been wanting to write this blog post for so long but the idea of sharing these photos was slightly scary so I have been putting it off. As I have managed to get my acne under control and I am trying out treatments to fade my scarring I thought it would be a good time to bite the bullet and publish this post.

All of the photos are from my iPhone so the quality is not the best but you should be able to get an idea of what it looked like. I know it's not that bad in the grand scheme of things and people suffer with it a lot more than I did, but I would cry myself to sleep sometimes and it really affected my confidence so at the time it felt like the end of the world.

Growing up, all through my teens and into my early 20s I had no skin problems whatsoever. At school I rarely wore makeup and would often get comments on how nice my skin was. It has always been on the oily side which is probably why I look so dang young, but it never caused me problems until I was around 26.

Let's rewind to the end of 2010 / the beginning of 2011. I decided to take a break from my birth control pill because I had been taking it for quite a while. A couple of months later I started to get red, hard lumps under my skin which were really sore. They were usually on my jawline or cheek area. I ignored them at first, thinking they would go away. But unfortunately they would settle down only for new lumps to appear in a different place.

I visited the doctor who gave me cream to put on them, which (surprise surprise) didn't work. I went back and was given gel to put on them which (you guessed it) didn't work.

I eventually gave up on the doctor and tried to tackle them a different way. I drank bucket loads of water, my diet was as healthy as it could possibly be. The only thing I could put it down to was stress. I convinced myself that the spots were a result of being busy at work and resigned myself to the fact I would have the spots forever.

Being a girl it was easy to cover them up with my beloved Double Wear foundation but my confidence was at its absolute rock bottom. I didn't want to go out or meet new people. When I talked to people all I could think was that they were staring at my skin.

Over the years I must have spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on skincare and facials. I even tried an expensive course of LED light therapy which did absolutely bugger all.

In September of 2013 I went back to the doctors and saw someone new. He immediately said he thought it was PCOS related and sent me for an internal ultrasound scan at the hospital which confirmed I do indeed have polycystic ovaries.

Whilst it was a relief to know what was causing the acne I was advised that a good diet and exercise was the best way to control it. This was so frustrating as I already exercise regularly and have a really healthy diet. I didn't know what more I could do!

I went back to the drawing board and now I can share the 3 things that have made me acne-free for several months and hopefully, forever!

1) Cutting out yoghurt and cutting down on other dairy

This is the main one which I think, if I didn't do the other two things, would still make a difference. I wish I had tried this years ago! When I would research acne the one thing that would come up over and over again was dairy which I ignored because I loved yoghurt and milk and cheese too much.

Then I realised that I was having a yoghurt every single day, having milk in my tea and having cheese a couple of times a week and if I could cut down a little maybe my acne would go away. I cut out my daily yoghurt completely, have almond milk in my cereal and tea, and only have cheese every now and again. It worked!

I haven't had a single new acne spot since I did this.

2) Dermaquest cleanser and Clearasil pads

When it comes to serums and moisturisers I swap and change but the skincare I couldn't live without are the Dermaquest Beta Hydroxy cleanser and the Clearasil Superfruits pads.

The Dermaquest product was recommended to me by a skin specialist and it can be bought online. Salicylic acid is great for my oily skin so this cleanser and the Clearasil wipes are a godsend. I pray that Clearasil don't discontinue these wipes because they are seriously amazing. I think I can credit them, over the cleanser, to keeping my skin under control.

3) Acupuncture

This is the one that I am slightly on the fence about but I have to include it as I stopped getting acne shortly after I started acupuncture. The acupuncturist I saw targeted my stomach area (due to the PCOS) and generally tried to address my inability to relax and not worry. The sessions made me feel more relaxed and hopefully the needle placements did what they were meant to do.

I haven't been for about a month now but I would go back again if my skin caused me any more problems.

So there you have it! I hope this has been helpful to some of you and you have stuck with my waffling. I plan to do another post on "how I have helped reduce my acne scarring" but I'm still in the process of trying different things so bear with me on that one.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your skincare stories below and any tips you have that may help me and others!

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Jacket in.


In this post I mentioned my love for my new ASOS boucle blazer with its fluorescent piping which always draws a comment or two when I wear it. That ASOS number, along with my new White Stuff jacket, are my current favourite things to wear.

White Stuff sent me their Pierrot jacket recently (which has since gone in the sale - here's the link!) and it's perfect for wearing to work with black trousers and a blouse, or on a weekend like my outfit below. I wore it out to dinner last weekend with black skinny jeans and a white top from good old M&S.

It's not really "big Winter coat" weather at the moment and I don't have many lighter jackets (i.e. to keep me warm from the car to the front door of wherever we're going) so these two are just right!

Pierrot jacket c/o White Stuff 

I like it because it's sophisticated, really good quality and I know I will get so much wear out of it.

The same goes for my ASOS number which was a sale bargain of £14. Sadly it's almost sold out now but if you're a UK4 you're in luck! Here's the link.

If you like this kind of thing but you're not a UK4 you could be in luck with this or this!

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Life lately.


Hi folks! I hope you're all having a good week? The past few weeks have flown by in a bit of a whirlwind for me. Normally when I am on a holiday countdown time goes verrryyy slowly but it feels like my holiday will be here in no time. Actually, 4 1/2 weeks isn't actually very long so I'm sure it will be here in a flash!

I'm ready for some sun on my pasty skin, ready to hit Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret for a spot of shopping and ready to consume my body weight in Baby Ruth's and Take 5 bars.

It was Jonathan's 31st birthday on Saturday so we had a lovely day. We went into Sheffield for a stroll and a spot of lunch before heading off to a foot massage (present from me.. he did want one, it's not as random as it sounds!) and I busied myself having a quick trim and blow dry. After a spot of shopping and picking up a few bits for Mother's Day we had a relaxing afternoon at home eating the buns I had baked the night before.

Ring from my sister's shop - link!

I had a disastrous baking session as the electric whisk broke before my mixture was combined and the oven was too hot but they turned out okay. Actually they weren't bad at all. They taste a lot better than they look let's put it that way! Here's the recipe if you want to have a slightly more successful attempt.

In the evening we tried somewhere new for tea, NYC in Bawtry - Doncaster, and it was superb. We will be going back no doubt about it! The ribs were to die for and I basically got through a bucket of Jack Daniels sauce dunking anything and everything into it!

On Sunday we spent the day separately with our families. I drove to Leeds and spent the day with my mum and dad, eating homemade Jamie Oliver burgers, watching The Walking Dead, consuming more lemon drizzle buns(!) and looking through old photo albums for the lols.

Jonathan cooked for his mum and family and we reunited in the evening for a few cuddles and a spot of telly before the start of a brand new week.

What did you get up to at the weekend? I am still recovering from losing an hour of sleep. Although the sunny journeys home from work and evenings are most welcome.

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