A weekend with the big sis.


I booked Friday of last week off work to make way for a nice long weekend. My sister lives on the Isle of Man but was back home for the weekend so she made a pit stop to spend the day and night with Jonathan and I at our house.

Friday was spent devouring mac n cheese burgers, dashing round Meadowhall, eating our treats from the American sweet shop, baking a carrot cake and getting dolled up for a night out in Sheffield. One or two (or ten) cocktails were consumed and I got the chance to don my newly purchased printed trousers which are a whole new and scary thing for me!

Aforementioned printed trousers (River Island) and my current favourite shoes (by Georgia Rose c/o Sarenza) I've worn them to death over the past couple of months!

There's no rest for the wicked. On Saturday I was woken up early by the dogs so I decided to stay up at risk of sleeping through the whole day. I left my sister snoozing in the spare bedroom while I tidied up ready for our mum and dad to come over for lunch.

Jonathan made a big help-yourself type of lunch with salad, bread, roast chicken and homemade wedges, followed by a slice of carrot cake (homemade the previous day!) and all washed down with a cup of tea and plenty of chatter about our holiday to Florida in a few weeks time (#sixandahalfweekstogo!)

A sneak peek of my new Sugarhill Boutique blouse - how fab is that print!

We waved my parents goodbye and my sister headed off not long after. Jonathan and I had a lazy afternoon and a sunny stroll to the duck pond with Lily and Lola before I admitted defeat at 7pm and fell asleep. It's a good job I had another day to recover before work. Sunday was nice and relaxed, with a roast dinner at Jonathan's parents house a couple of minutes up the road, and plenty of telly watching.

I'm getting too old for nights out! ;) I'm still tired now!

Did you all have a good weekend? Wednesday tomorrow - hasn't that come round quick!?

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Those printed trousers are gorgeous - they really suit you. I've been trying to pluck up the courage to buy some for ages and I think you have just convinced me! Think I'm getting too old for nights out too! ;-) The hangovers seem to be getting worse the older I get!


  2. Ahh it sounds like you had such a great weekend! I love family weekends, I miss mine so much! That carrot cake looks delicious, too.
    I don't mind that it's Wednesday so quick - just means another weekend is right around the corner :)

  3. Love that Sugarhill Boutique blouse :) you and your sister look really similar! My holiday countdown is ONE WEEK! Arghhh!!! :D We're going to the West coast though
    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

  4. I am INLOVE with your going out outfit! you rock the printed trouser look :)

  5. What a lovely weekend, those burgers look delicious! Love your outfits you look gorgeous :)

  6. Your weekend sounds fantastic, you and your sister look really lovely in your pic together.

  7. the food looks delicious, especially the carrot cake! yum <3

  8. That sounds like the perfect weekend! I'm meant to be going dancing tomorrow night and I've got no idea how I'm going to do it :s On the plus side, it starts at 7 - so maybe I'll make it to 9.30! Haha.

    I love Sugerhill Boutique - their clothes are so beautiful and fun :)

  9. I'm in love with your camera print blouse! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend :) x

  10. I actually just drooled over my key board at that burger haha! Love your printed trousers as well, looks like you had a lovely weekend :) x

  11. Food looks SO yum. I adore that sugarhill boutique blouse, I lusted after the dress for ages but persuaded myself not to buy it as I wouldnt get good cost-per-wear :( x

  12. This sounds like such a perfect weekend (especially the cheeky extra day off!) It says a lot about me though that the massive help yourself lunch that Jonathan made is a lot more tempting than a boozy night out!


    p.s. you and your sister look so alike - you're both gorgeous!

  13. Love your printed trousers! x

  14. It sounds like a great weekend. I love your printed trousers and your sugarhill blouse. I just got 3 dresses from sugarhill for my birthday. X

  15. That burger looks immense! Looks like you had an amazing weekend! And the pattern on your top is just gorgeous :)

    Chantal x