Mother's Day presents (with Cath Kidston).


We popped to Meadowhall yesterday just after opening time for what we thought would be a fairly quiet stroll round a few shops, but thanks to the Next sale it was a bit busier than expected. Luckily Cath Kidston had tasked me with finding some Mother's Day gifts and sent me a gift card just in time for our shopping trip, so I escaped into the sanctuary of the Cath Kidston store for a good old browse.

It has been a while since I've browsed round a CK store and oh my, I wanted to buy everything! I wanted the Safari playsuit, Aubrey Rose skirt, the Pembridge Rose shawl, and the entire homeware department but I had to keep my eye on the task in hand and pick out presents that my mum would love.

After much careful consideration I opted for homeware items as my mum is a brilliant cook and baker. The Painterly Rose range really caught my eye as the print is so pretty and timeless. I was also drawn in by some of the Safari homeware items.

I found the prices really reasonable so I was able to get her a handful of things which I am certain she will love and get plenty of use out of. I don't want to spoil the surprise as she may see this so you will have to wait until Mother's Day itself to see my picks.

If you're looking for some gift inspiration I would recommend popping into your local store as there is bound to be something your mum will love. Alternatively use the online gift finder for a bit of extra help. Failing that here are a few ideas of my own to help you along!

Something tells me I am going to be visiting this store a lot more in the future!

* in collaboration with Cath Kidston

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A weekend with the big sis.


I booked Friday of last week off work to make way for a nice long weekend. My sister lives on the Isle of Man but was back home for the weekend so she made a pit stop to spend the day and night with Jonathan and I at our house.

Friday was spent devouring mac n cheese burgers, dashing round Meadowhall, eating our treats from the American sweet shop, baking a carrot cake and getting dolled up for a night out in Sheffield. One or two (or ten) cocktails were consumed and I got the chance to don my newly purchased printed trousers which are a whole new and scary thing for me!

Aforementioned printed trousers (River Island) and my current favourite shoes (by Georgia Rose c/o Sarenza) I've worn them to death over the past couple of months!

There's no rest for the wicked. On Saturday I was woken up early by the dogs so I decided to stay up at risk of sleeping through the whole day. I left my sister snoozing in the spare bedroom while I tidied up ready for our mum and dad to come over for lunch.

Jonathan made a big help-yourself type of lunch with salad, bread, roast chicken and homemade wedges, followed by a slice of carrot cake (homemade the previous day!) and all washed down with a cup of tea and plenty of chatter about our holiday to Florida in a few weeks time (#sixandahalfweekstogo!)

A sneak peek of my new Sugarhill Boutique blouse - how fab is that print!

We waved my parents goodbye and my sister headed off not long after. Jonathan and I had a lazy afternoon and a sunny stroll to the duck pond with Lily and Lola before I admitted defeat at 7pm and fell asleep. It's a good job I had another day to recover before work. Sunday was nice and relaxed, with a roast dinner at Jonathan's parents house a couple of minutes up the road, and plenty of telly watching.

I'm getting too old for nights out! ;) I'm still tired now!

Did you all have a good weekend? Wednesday tomorrow - hasn't that come round quick!?

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3 ingredient Nutella brownies.


It has been a while since any of my baking efforts were successful, especially a recent attempt to make healthy brownies with chickpeas which were a disaster. I had a spare afternoon yesterday so I decided to don my apron and have a bash at making something sweet. When I spotted a recipe for 3 ingredient Nutella brownies I figured I couldn't possibly go wrong!

Not only were they really easy to make but they turned out so well. Crispy on the outside, squishy and wonderful in the middle. All you need is a jar of Nutella, eggs and flour (and a pinch of salt which the recipe I followed suggested - see link above!)

Mix together, stick in the oven and voila. Perfect brownies which you can spend all weekend devouring. Oh well, I did have a personal training session this morning so I kind of deserved it ;)

Unfortunately for my waistline I will definitely be making these again!

If you have any foolproof recipe suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments bit below - thanks!

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5 things.


5 things I did at the weekend: wore false eyelashes for the first time / found my new favourite alcoholic beverage (Ameretto Sours) / danced for 2 hours straight / saw all our friends / watched Dallas Buyers Club (= brilliant!)

5 things I am lusting after: a MAC 224 brush / a NAKED palette / Topshop white midi skirt / Dorothy Perkins daisy print joggers / a Wildfox rainbow bikini.

5 things I am excited about: getting a face peel in a few weeks time in an attempt to battle my acne scars / seeing my sister / mac and cheese burgers at The Harley / having an Indian Head Massage with one of my birthday vouchers / becoming an Auntie for the first time!

5 blog posts I have enjoyed reading recently:

Trippin in Thailand - The Londoner
Pastels - Buy Now Blog Later
Zen - Blue October
Railway by the Seashore - Stephanie Dreams

Share your favourite blog reads below if you like! 

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