This week has flown by for me and now that the weekend is upon us I've got a sneaking suspicion that a sore throat is coming my way. Hopefully an early night tonight and some chocolate (I might have stopped at an American Sweet Shop today...) will sort me right out.

I imagine tomorrow daytime will consist of lots of boring grown up stuff like cleaning and tidying the house before the evening when we've got a few friends coming over before we all head into Sheffield for a night out. I haven't had a night out since a few weeks before Christmas so I'm looking forward to getting dressed up. I even plan to go really wild and wear false eyelashes for the first time! #shockhorror

Let me know what your plans for the weekend are!

Dune "Ambleside" wedges c/o Sarenza

In other news, we have had a series of really busy weekends where I haven't had chance to take outfit snaps or the weather hasn't been cooperating but I managed to get a couple of photos of an outfit I wore last weekend.

The shirt is fairly new, from H&M and my jeans are River Island (the only place that makes jeans that fit me!) I have been after a pair of shoes like this for ages. Black, suitable for making a work outfit look a bit more snazzy or throwing on with skinny jeans. I think these fit the bill! I haven't had much luck with Dune sizing in the past but these fit really well and are comfortable, as they're not too high.

I will try to get photographic evidence of my foray into the world of falsh eyelashes and my outfit for tomorrow night.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Haha good luck with the eyelashes! Don't forget to take the glue out with you in case they start peeling off halfway through the night xx

  2. I hope you have a good time tomorrow! Hope the false eyelashes go well - never tried them myself!
    I love River Island jeans. I find their fit really good.
    This weekend I'm going wedding dress shopping with my bestie who is getting hitched next year! Yay xx

  3. I love river island jeans, they always fit really nice! Have a good weekend

    Distant Dreamer

  4. Such a lovely outfit! :)


  5. You've done well to have never worn false eyelashes! They're a staple for me on a night out! Look forward to seeing them. Hubby is in Boston 'til Sunday so chilling tomorrow (except for a hair cut) then having a friend round to watch the Oscars Sunday! All those lovely frocks to perve over!

    I hope your sore throat suspicions are wrong and you have a very lovely weekend!

    Caroline x

  6. Gorgeous, especially love the shoes. Your not the only one who hasn't ventured into the false lash territory, honestly I'm too scared. I don't know what terrifies me more,gluing my eyes shut or them flying off mid sentence. Good luck!
    xxx Claire

  7. I am so glad you are back to blogging frequently again. I really missed your posts and photos. You're a favourite in my blog list. Thank you :-)

  8. I am loving this outfit! I can never find skinny jeans that cater for my wide hips and long legs. It's such a pain! Good luck with the falsies. I tried them once but it was so much hassle!

    Thanks for the comment on my adventure post, by the way. Walks should definitely be prescribed by doctors!

  9. Stunning as always young lady!
    I HATE grownup weekends :( Spent my entire day off on Friday cleaning, washing, hoovering, sorting and changing beds YAAAWN x

  10. False eyelashes are such a pain to put on, but I always think it's worth it in the end. Have a great night out, and thanks for stopping by my clog the other day :)

    B xx

  11. Oh, you look lovely. I really love this outfit! X