5 good things (and a few photos from the weekend).


Did you all have a good weekend? Hope so! It went really slowly for me which is always a bonus. We had a quiet night in on Friday and made homemade burgers (which were amazing) and watched this film (which was pretty good!)

On Saturday my parents came over to say hello and reunite me with my cameras which I left at their house last time I visited. We ate sandwiches, drank tea, ate biscuits and had a catch up. Then later on that evening Jonathan and I went to see a couple we know and had an evening of good food, silly games, and by the looks of it I scared the living daylights out of their cats with my camera. Woopsie!

Since it's been a while, here are my 5 good things:

1) My McBusted tickets arrived. I'm a tad excited!

2) There are only (!) 73 days until we go to Orlando. I absolutely cannot wait. It has been a few years since my last trip so I am really looking forward to seeing all the new rides and attractions. It will be great to spend some time with my family but also be with Jonathan on his first trip to Orlando. Oh he's in for a treat! ;)

3) An impending holiday means holiday research. If I'm not watching Disney vloggers on You Tube then I'm leafing through travel guides or generally driving Jonathan up the wall with my excitement.

4) I am making good progress with my piano lessons. I still get so nervous before each lesson and wonder whether I should continue but then when I'm there I really enjoy it. I also enjoy the satisfaction of being shown a new piece, thinking it's impossible, but then after an hour of practice I crack it and it all slots together. 

5) Your lovely comments on my last blog post. It was my first post in a month and I was worried I would never update my blog again but seeing your positive comments made me realise why I do it. So cheers!

P.S. Look who arrived as a little surprise for me. What a cutie!

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  1. Oh L&L are just divine! I'm so proud that you're working hard with the piano lessons. Honestly, it's such a great skill to have and if you ever need any help, please do let me know! I'm so excited for you to go to Orlando. Steph (StephanieDreams) is a great one for advice - Orlando is my fav place in the world! x

  2. I'm going to see McBusted this year too and I am far too excited!! The teenager in me only wishes that Charlie was in it too. #gianteyebrowsforever xxx

  3. Great post - you have way too many cute pets! Also, you got an Oleg toy - they are so sweet!! :)

  4. Those cats look so surprised! Ive never been to Orlando but I look forward to reading about it on your blog :)

  5. Love the amount of pet photos in this post. I need to include my pets more on my blog!


  6. I love that you're excited about your McBusted tickets! I love these bands all reforming/making new groups. I booked my tickets to see New Kids On The Block in London in a couple of months...WELL excited! Sadly, they were my era...

    Well done on the piano lessons and your holiday with Mickey will be here in no time!

    I adore your doggies

    Caroline x

  7. What a lovely pictures!!!:)I'm so glad to read again you 5 good things!!!!

  8. Your Saturday sounds splendid! Lovely pug :3

  9. Awww baby meerkat! I think I should switch car insurance companies just so I can get one :D
    Jealous of your holiday! I would love to go to Orlando, although I'm not a big lover of rides. It does look amazing though! I really hope we can get away this year, but it may not be possible :( xx

  10. Omg tha pug is just the cutest thing ever I literally cant get over how adorbable he/she is! Sound like such lovely weekend ahh Orlando sounds so amazing hope you have beaut time darl!xo


  11. orlando, mcbusted... you have mamazing things to look forward to!


  12. Ahh wow, I am so jealous of you going to see McBusted! Your dog is gorgeous. x


  13. I'm going to Orlando in October for the first time ever and I'm so excited! If you have any recommendations for places to go or things to try then please let me know. Also any recommendations for forums or travel guides would be appreciated! I feel a little out of my depth - there is a LOT to see and do over there from the looks of it!


  14. Lovely things :) You're going to Orlando? That sounds like so much fun! Have a lovely weekend!

  15. Gorgeous photographs! I'd love to go to Orlando - I haven't been to America and I'm dieing to!! Have a fantastic time x

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  16. So happy to see another '5 good things' post! They are my favourite! Well done on keeping up with your piano lessons, good for you! And it's always nice to see a new pic of Lily and Lola - too cute!! :)
    Lyndsay x

  17. I always love your posts. Your piano lessons are inspiring. I looked into classes around my area. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I'm so happy i've found your O so lovely blog, another blogger with pugs who lives in glorious Yorkshire. I'm already a fan and now a new follower on bloglovin'. ;) x

  19. I really like that you're thrilled about your McBusted tickets! I really like these categories all reforming/making new categories. I reserved my passes to see New Children On The Prevent in London, uk in a few several weeks...WELL excited! Unfortunately, they were my era...