This week has flown by for me and now that the weekend is upon us I've got a sneaking suspicion that a sore throat is coming my way. Hopefully an early night tonight and some chocolate (I might have stopped at an American Sweet Shop today...) will sort me right out.

I imagine tomorrow daytime will consist of lots of boring grown up stuff like cleaning and tidying the house before the evening when we've got a few friends coming over before we all head into Sheffield for a night out. I haven't had a night out since a few weeks before Christmas so I'm looking forward to getting dressed up. I even plan to go really wild and wear false eyelashes for the first time! #shockhorror

Let me know what your plans for the weekend are!

Dune "Ambleside" wedges c/o Sarenza

In other news, we have had a series of really busy weekends where I haven't had chance to take outfit snaps or the weather hasn't been cooperating but I managed to get a couple of photos of an outfit I wore last weekend.

The shirt is fairly new, from H&M and my jeans are River Island (the only place that makes jeans that fit me!) I have been after a pair of shoes like this for ages. Black, suitable for making a work outfit look a bit more snazzy or throwing on with skinny jeans. I think these fit the bill! I haven't had much luck with Dune sizing in the past but these fit really well and are comfortable, as they're not too high.

I will try to get photographic evidence of my foray into the world of falsh eyelashes and my outfit for tomorrow night.

Happy weekend everyone!

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My workout equipment recommendations (trainers, weights, workout clothes, Polar watch, phone app).


You can totally exercise at home with nothing but yourself, a little bit of effort and a workout DVD or You Tube video but there are a few gadgets and other bits that really help to keep me motivated and make working out/eating well much easier. So I thought I would share those bits and bobs with you lovely lot.

I don't have a gym membership or go to local classes. All of my exercising is done at home for free. When I first got started I invested in a couple of things:

* an exercise mat - you can get them from Argos, sports shops, online, Ebay, maybe even your local supermarkets. They're inexpensive and will save you getting carpet burn or, in my case, wooden flooring burn!

* a set of hand weights. I initially got a set from Argos (similar to this one) which I used for quite some time but I have "outgrown" them now and have since bought heavier weights. I use a 2kg set and a 3kg set (my 3kg weights are by Davina McCall - this pair). Obviously if you can handle more, go for it! I plan to buy a heavier pair and some kettlebells soon.

You will also need a really good pair of trainers. When I first started out my trainers were old and not very supportive and I didn't get that nice "bouncy" feeling you get from a good quality pair of trainers. It's important to keep your feet happy! I recently ordered these Nike beauties from Sarenza*.

They are so comfortable and a perfect fit. They're the Air Pegasus style which come in a range of other colours and would be ideal if you do a lot of outdoor running.

This is more than enough to get you going but over time you may wish to think about:

* A Polar watch. A little while ago, after umming and ahing about buying one for a while, I took the plunge and bought this one from Amazon, the Polar FT4. The watch is worn as a regular watch, and the strap goes around your chest which needs to be slightly dampened with water beforehand. It takes very little time to get the strap and watch on and I find it really useful for tracking my heart rate and seeing how many calories I have burned. It has been surprising to me how much hard work it takes to burn calories and has really made me rethink how I reward myself with food after a workout. I use Fitness Blender workouts which come with a calorie-burn guide so having my Polar watch is a really useful tool and keeps me on track.

* A resistance band. I don't use my resistance band loads (note to self: I must use it more!) but it is a really effective way to work out your arms and legs and you can find a few tutorials on You Tube. The band I've got is a Fitness Mad (light) which is plenty of resistance for me. You can really feel it the next day when you incorporate one of these into your routine!

* A skipping rope. This is a no-go in the winter as it's too cold to exercise outside (and my workout space indoors isn't quite big enough) but in the summer it's great. Mine was only a couple of pounds from Sports Direct and is great cardio and also good for getting those calves tired!

Okay, so they're all tools and equipment but the fun bit is the clothes right? Even though nobody really sees me exercising (apart from Jonathan) I still like to look and feel nice. I like everything to be nipped in, no lumps and bumps, and that's where nice workout clothes come into it.

* I'm a huge Victoria's Secret PINK fan and have been since I first went to America but since they opened up a store at Meadowhall it is much easier to get my fix. I recently got a really pretty pair of yoga pants in the sale for £15 which are so comfortable and flattering. Have a nosy at their sports bottoms here!

* Aside from my yoga pants I have some Nike leggings and an old pair of grey Zara leggings (worn as "best" leggings before I lost weight) which do the job just fine.

* On the top I wear old tshirts, usually PINK ones, or sometimes Jonathan's old tshirts. Anything comfortable will do but if it has a nice design on it well that's just a bonus.

* If you don't have any gym gear at all but you want to get a few bits together, try H&M. They do a range of tshirts, vests and jogging bottoms/leggings which are really reasonable. Alternatively Primark or good old M&S are your friend!

* Most importantly, you need a good sports bra! I recently ditched my very old, shabby grey one to make way for a shiny new one from Panache Lingerie*. I was familiar with Panache as an underwear brand but I didn't realise they did a sports bra too. It offers fantastic support without feeling too tight or restrictive.

The next thing isn't a piece of clothing or a piece of equipment but a phone app. The MyFitnessPal app to be precise. I don't count calories every day but I think this app is a great tool for making sure I'm getting enough protein, not having too much sugar, and generally just learning more about what's in food and how to get a balanced diet.

I hope this has been helpful and you've made it through my waffle to the end of this post! If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.

* The Panache sports bra was sent to me to review. I purchased the trainers using one of my Ambassador vouchers from Sarenza.
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5 good things (and a few photos from the weekend).


Did you all have a good weekend? Hope so! It went really slowly for me which is always a bonus. We had a quiet night in on Friday and made homemade burgers (which were amazing) and watched this film (which was pretty good!)

On Saturday my parents came over to say hello and reunite me with my cameras which I left at their house last time I visited. We ate sandwiches, drank tea, ate biscuits and had a catch up. Then later on that evening Jonathan and I went to see a couple we know and had an evening of good food, silly games, and by the looks of it I scared the living daylights out of their cats with my camera. Woopsie!

Since it's been a while, here are my 5 good things:

1) My McBusted tickets arrived. I'm a tad excited!

2) There are only (!) 73 days until we go to Orlando. I absolutely cannot wait. It has been a few years since my last trip so I am really looking forward to seeing all the new rides and attractions. It will be great to spend some time with my family but also be with Jonathan on his first trip to Orlando. Oh he's in for a treat! ;)

3) An impending holiday means holiday research. If I'm not watching Disney vloggers on You Tube then I'm leafing through travel guides or generally driving Jonathan up the wall with my excitement.

4) I am making good progress with my piano lessons. I still get so nervous before each lesson and wonder whether I should continue but then when I'm there I really enjoy it. I also enjoy the satisfaction of being shown a new piece, thinking it's impossible, but then after an hour of practice I crack it and it all slots together. 

5) Your lovely comments on my last blog post. It was my first post in a month and I was worried I would never update my blog again but seeing your positive comments made me realise why I do it. So cheers!

P.S. Look who arrived as a little surprise for me. What a cutie!

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Hair chop (again!) and my new favourite blusher.


Another month, another hair cut! What can I say... it grows so fast and I am favouring shorter hair these days because it's so much easier to style, wash, dry, etc.

It had been a couple of months since my last cut and colour so my roots were in desperate need of a touch up when I went on Friday. The colour is nice and fresh again and I had a decent chunk chopped off the ends. My hairdresser also tried to teach me how to get really big, bouncy waves/texture using my straighteners. She made it look absolutely foolproof but I'm sure when I wash and style my hair tomorrow morning it will be a different kettle of fish. Such is life!

I have been lusting after the Benefit Rockateur blusher for so long after I tried it out on a Benefit counter. The makeup lady recommended it to me and said it was the perfect blusher for my skintone.

My friend bought me it for my birthday as she knew I had my eye on it and I have used it every day since. It's the perfect shade which seems to suit everyone. I sometimes find that makeup doesn't show up on me and because I've got oily skin by the end of the day I can look like I'm not wearing anything but this seems to stand the test of time. Plus a little bit goes a long way so it should last for ages.

I do love finding a new product that works! Anybody else a fan of this blusher?

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