One of the best things about having two weeks off over Christmas is spending all that extra time with Lily and Lola and, when it's not torrential rain or blowing a gale, enjoying some lovely walks.

Lily is a nightmare at this time of year as she gets really cold and often refuses to walk, so I have been on the hunt for a coat/jumper for her for ages. But the problem I find is that they're always either too tight or too big/too long, so they don't really own anything that is a perfect fit due to their oddly shaped proportions.

I think Pet London must have read my mind because they got in touch with me recently and after browsing their website I found a whole host of amazing jumpers, coats and harnesses. They very kindly offered to send Lily an item of her choice. Enter the snowball jacket harness which arrived recently along with a few other little goodies.

The jacket harness is such a brilliant idea, saving the hassle of putting Lily in her harness and a separate coat. It's a doddle to pop on! The fleece lining keeps the chill off her belly and doesn't rub against her legs. The pattern is great, not too festive so that it can only be used over Christmas but definitely perfect for the next few cold months ahead.
I plan to get another one for Lola so that they match and can both stay cosy warm on their winter walks.
Lily's harness is an XL. They're both quite small compared to other Pugs that we see out and about so it is always difficult finding things to fit them, but after a quick chat with Pet London and going over their measurements we found the perfect item!
Lola didn't miss out and nabbed a velour Crest Hoody which is adorable and fits like a glove! Her fur isn't as thick as Lily's so although she's a bit tougher outside in the cold I still like to make sure she is keeping warm.
Pet London is a one stop shop for all of your doggy related needs, whether it's a lead and collar, clothing, bathing items, beds, carriers or toys. I am definitely a new fan and will be placing a cheeky order very soon!
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  1. So cute! :-) x


  2. Lovely blog post, such gorgeous photos too! xx

  3. My goodness how cute is she in her coat?! She looks a lot happier about wearing it than my dog Layla. xXx

  4. I have such a big smile right now. Thank you for sharing these adorable pictures. Happy holidays! x

  5. Oh they are so cute, I can't wait to have my own house and get a pug!

    Julia x

  6. Oh my goodness.. have just been on that website and I could buy EVERYTHING for my pug puppy! Must resist spending all of my money! x

  7. Well I think she likes her new coat :)

    Love From Kelly

  8. Too damn cute!! I love pugs in coats!!

    Katie xoxo