5 good things.


Ooh it's getting close to Christmas and I couldn't be more excited! After 4 days off at home I feel a little bit more prepared for it. Presents are wrapped, cards are written, the tree is up. Lily and Lola even dusted off their reindeer outfits in preparation for the big day (photographic evidence below...)

Here are my 5 good things at the moment!

1) Getting into the habit of wearing rings and nail polish again! My fingers have been a bit neglected recently because, quite frankly, I'm lazy. But I recently ordered a few bits from my sister's jewellery store, Delly Dumpling on Etsy, and I love every piece.

All of the rings below are from her store apart from the tiny heart ring. I am in love with the gold feather ring and the chunky arrow ring.

Her prices are really reasonable and she has a mix of silver and gold designs so do go have a look! She sells over the knuckle rings too if you like those.

2) Working out. I am back on track with the help of my Fitness Blender plan (currently using the one for busy people with each workout 30 minutes or less). I find that doing little and often works much better for me than doing an hour+ a few times a week. Once I get going I am happy to do a little bit every day, or most days.

3) After battling with my acne for a few years and trying all sorts of products and treatments I was running out of ideas on what to do and feeling awfully blue about it all. Anyway, I had a microdermabrasion facial last Friday which worked really well on my scarring. I'm booked in for another this week and I am hoping they will make a big difference to my skin and confidence. I will do a blog post about it all at some point.

4) Plans to see my parents on Saturday for lunch, followed by friends coming over in the evening and a spot of crafting and relaxing on Sunday.

5) Reading. I recently downloaded a whole bunch of books to my Kindle to keep me going over the next few weeks. I just started the new Mhairi McFarlane book. So far so good!

Totally unrelated to my 5 good things but cute or what :)

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  1. Love the arrow ring...not normally a delicate ring person...but statement rings are really cool.


  2. These rings are absolutely gorgeous...
    I have really chubby fingers so its difficult for me to find decent midi rings haha.

    I LOVE the reindeer ears!

    Kelly from DayDreamsDaisyChains.com :)

  3. All those rings are gorgeous! I love the arrow one! x


  4. I've been painting my nails again lately, I couldn't for work but as I'm off sick and still have ten day sbefore I can go back I'm making the most of it! xo

  5. Lily and Lola look so cute in their little outfits!
    Looking forward to the blog post on your microdermabrasion facial :)

  6. Aw they're such little cuties! I unearthed our doggies' little santa suits at the weekend so those will be making an appearance soon. Would be really interested to hear about you microdermabrasion facial as I've suffered from acne for years and it's now more the scarring than anything else that's the problem. xxx

  7. Those rings are lovely! Oh my!! pugs dressed as reindeer's!!! x

  8. Love all the rings, so will definitely be looking at the shop.
    And flippin' heck that's a cute picture of the puglet. :)
    Interested in hearing more about the treatment you are having.

  9. Lovely rings...I'm a new follower- great blog!



  10. Aww aren't those little pugs so cutee! Love the crown ring too.. so nice!

    Leeannelle | Fashion and Beauty


  11. If it helps at all... from your pictures I cannot tell that you have acne. You are beautiful!

  12. That photo! <3
    Can't wait to read about your microdermabrasion experience, I have bad acne scarring that really gets me down too! :| x

  13. I love this part of your blog!! Its such a good idea - so good in fact that I might have borrowed it for my first ever blog post!