5 good things.


I had plans to get home from work, do my workout and a few other odds and ends round the house but I haven't felt great today. An achy head and a busy day meant I got home, put the tea on and got into my pjs. A nice relaxing, stress-free evening has done the trick though. I feel better already!

A night of relaxing also calls for a blog catch up, and my 5 good things:

1) Getting my hands on my very first Diptyque candle! I mentioned the other week that I had been asked to take part in the John Lewis Secret Santa for bloggers which I have been really excited about. I love John Lewis and usually end up there at least once a week on my lunchbreak strolls. After I picked out a gift for my chosen-at-random-blogger I received my very own item which has been chosen just for me (thank you whoever you are!)

I have wanted a Diptyque candle for ages but as they're rather expensive I have never splashed out and bought one for myself. I'm now the proud owner of the Baies Candle and Oval gift set which comes in a beautiful box which I will most certainly re-use. The candle smells so good and really fills the room. Not only that but once I've burnt it I get a pretty glass jar to re-use (I'm all about recycling!) The oval will hang in our wardrobe and make our clothes smell pretty. Sorry Jonathan!

2) 4 day weekend. I have felt a bit run down lately so as I've got a bit of holiday to use up I have booked a long weekend off work. I don't have many plans so far which is probably a good thing as I think I need a bit of R&R. I do plan to get my Christmas shopping wrapped and write my Christmas cards whilst watching films, burning candles and snugging up with my two best girls L&L. Heaven!

3) You Tubers. I am really loving watching You Tube videos at the moment, especially as I can watch my subscriptions on my phone on the go and keep up to date with my favourites. They include Bethany Mota, HelloOctoberxo, xameliax, Vivianna Does Makeup, Fleur DeForce, TheSorryGirls, The Small Things Blog, Lily Pebbles, and too many others to mention!

4) A busy Christmas break. We have got 2 weeks off over Christmas and have so many plans with our family and friends, all topped off with a big NYE party with 90s fancy dress theme. Can't wait!

5) I finally managed to find Lily a coat that fits her podgy dimensions and can keep her warm over the Winter when she refuses to walk because she is a little madam. More on that soon though!

What are your "good things"?

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  1. Wow, that Diptyque candle is such an amazing gift to have recieved! x


  2. Hope you enjoy your long weekend, sounds like you definitely need some downtime! Xx

  3. such a cute puggle jumper!! Am obsessed with smelly candles at the moment x

  4. such a cute puggle jumper!! Am obsessed with smelly candles at the moment x

  5. I love the photo of Lily and Jonathan, it's too cute!
    I hope you have a lovely long weekend - it's always nice to have a few days to relax and unwind. Your Christmas break sounds good too! I'm jealous of those getting a week-2 weeks off, although I have 6 days off in total this year which is more than I usually get so I shouldn't complain :) xx

  6. Lily's little smooshed face!! So cute! Love her little outfit. My friend dressed her Staffy as a Christmas pud - he hates her. :)
    Enjoy your 4 day weekend - I could certainly do with one of those.

  7. Hope you have a nice relaxing long weekend! My good things…got an email from a lovely friend, Spent time with hubby, plans to see friends this week and counting down till fly home :-) x

  8. Such a cute photo at the end there! And I am very jealous of your candle, I've never been able to part with the cash for one! xx

  9. The john lewis secret santa sounds great as does the diptyque set x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  10. I love reading these type of blogposts! x