X-Stitch (by Sarah Fordham).


I have followed Sarah and her fabulous stitching through her Etsy store and on Instagram for a while now. Her designs are so quirky and fun so go and check out her shop if you haven't already.

Sarah has a book out called X-Stitch which is full of projects to "make a statement". As you will probably know I love to cross stitch and have been doing it for a couple of years now. I also like to collect craft books so this is a welcome addition to my growing collection.

It starts like all good cross stitch books should, with a guide on what equipment you will need to get started and how to cross stitch. Cross stitch is so simple to try. With the minimum of a needle, thread, a scrap of fabric and a sharp pair of scissors you can get started on a small pattern in no time.

I love the ideas pages at the front of the book where you will find different small patterns which can be used individually or put together to make a larger scale project. My favourite has to be the burger, chips and pizza pattern which can be stitched as a border. It would look ace on a birthday card for someone who is partial to a takeaway!

Throughout the book you will find instructions on how to make cross stitched hair bobbles, phone cases, coasters, buttons and even an eye mask, and the patterns range from very simple for beginners to slightly more complicated ideas such as using soluble canvas to stitch onto clothes/shoes.

My favourite pattern is the skull needle case which I will have a go at making next year (once my Christmas crafts are done and dusted) as I am terrible at leaving needles around and loosing them.

X-Stitch by Sarah Fordham (c/o) - buy yours here!

This is a great craft book to keep for yourself or to give as a present. It makes cross stitch current and fun and there are so many ideas for you to use for all manner of projects. The best bit is it's not just limited to making samplers in hoops. Now I just need more hours in the day! :)

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  1. This is such a cool idea. Would make a perfect gift x

  2. This is such a cool idea. Would make a perfect gift x

  3. Well this looks absolutely brilliant-going on the olde wishlist immediately. Ill be honest though, ive already got enough projects im behind on! xxx

  4. I illustrated this! A great write up :)