Liverpool (part 2 and The Hardmans' House).


As promised in part 1 (here if you missed it) I wanted to share a few more photos from our time in Liverpool.

One of the reasons for our visit in the first place was to go to The Hardman's House which sounded amazing on the website but was even more brilliant in real life.

It's a photographic studio and living quarters which once belonged to the renowned portrait photographer Edward Chambre Hardman and his wife. They lived and worked in the house for 40 years, never throwing anything away or changing anything, which means that a visit there is like stepping back in time to the 1950s. From the food in the cupboards, to the clothes in the wardrobe, the photography equipment, the roles of film in the dark room, and a whole host of other visual delights in between, it's all there!

Our guided tour lasted around 90 minutes which is such good value for money for the £6.90 entry fee.

My favourite rooms were the main photography studio with the camera and lighting equipment on display along with the retro props, and the kitchen in the living quarters. Although tiny it is rather epic!

If you're visiting Liverpool or you live there and haven't visited yet, you must go!

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  1. I love anything that will take me back in time and all things photography so this is spot on! I was looking for my next short getaway and you've provided just that! Thanks :)
    Caterina x

  2. This looks fascinating! I love it when stuff is preserved like this.

    Hmm maybe...