D&G 3 L'Imperatrice.


I go through perfume like pairs of socks so I always like to have a couple on the go at any one time. I like sweet-smelling daytime options (some of my favourites are Vera Wang Princess, Marc Jacobs Daisy and pretty much any of Next's scents but especially Gold) and a slightly more grown-up heavier option for special occasions (Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is a firm favourite).

Enter my latest perfume by D&G. It goes by the name of 3 L'Imperatrice and with notes of kiwi, rhubarb, watermelon, pink cyclamen, sandalwood and musky base notes it is the perfect blend of a sweet fruity smell which settles into a grown up, musky scent.

D&G 3 L'Imperatrice c/o Fragrance Direct

It has great staying power without being overpowering and at around £30 for a huge 100ml bottle it doesn't break the bank if you like to top up your perfume throughout the day like I do.

Next time you're passing the perfume aisles have a spray of this one. I bet you will love it!

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Top picks: Christmas jumpers.


I have seen a fair few Christmas jumpers in the shops and have been itching to get one to wear over my festive break, but there are so many to choose from. Get a cheap one from Primark or push the boat out and get the beautiful pink and cream Ted Baker creation from John Lewis?! That is the question!

Although, I am a sucker for anything emblazoned with Pugs on so perhaps the green ASOS number is the one!

Have you got your Christmas jumper yet?

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Crafting, chowder and carrot cake.


On Saturday my friend and I made time for a spot of crafting and lunch. We went to Fired Arts in Sheffield where I wimped out on pottery painting as per usual and went for the easier option of decopatch.

I really wanted to do a pot for my makeup brushes but they didn't have anything that fit the bill so I went for the next best thing - a plant pot! I thought it would look nice on our kitchen windowsill housing our basil plant.

My friend opted for a rather smashing pair of Christmas tree baubles in red and gold.

Lunch was so good. We went to Fancie on Ecclesall Road, as it's only a short drive from Fired Arts, where we both went for the soup of the day, sweetcorn chowder. Oh my, it was so tasty and came with a huge chunk of bread and butter for dipping.

We shared a portion of sweet potato wedges, had a pot of tea a piece and took cake home for our fellas (ahem.. and ourselves..) The carrot cake was nice but I wouldn't order it again, although Jonathan was very happy with his lemon and raspberry cupcake which I was a tad jealous of!

I'd go back for the sweetcorn chowder in a second. It was completely and utterly scrumptious!

cross stitch jumper - M&S / black jeans - River Island / jacket - H&M
Joselin boots by Ugg Australia - c/o Sarenza

It was positively freeeezing outside so I wrapped up warm in a new jumper, jeans and a new pair of Uggs. If only I could hold onto a pair of gloves for more than two minutes and find my favourite beanie hat I would be set!

When I got home there was only one thing for it after all that crafting and food: a nap!

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Blogging on the move.


After more than 4 years of writing Lily loves Lola I recently contemplated closing it down. Working full time, looking after dogs and having a busy social life in the run up to Christmas has made finding the time to blog  hard to come by. By the time I get home from work, eat dinner, do my workout and have a shower it's almost bedtime and the thought of switching on the computer and blogging at a desk is not always that appealing.

So the opportunity to test out a portable tablet couldn't have come at a better time. Introducing the Google Nexus 7 which has a 7 inch touch-screen, 16GB of internal storage, built in speakers and a webcam and is just 8.6mm wide making it the perfect portable device!

I bought a keyboard that's compatible with this particular tablet, which doubles up as a stand and a case, and connects to the tablet via Bluetooth. Although the keys are tiny it makes it much easier to type compared to using the on-screen keyboard.

Being able to write blog posts and tweets around the house, as opposed to being sat at the desk in our spare bedroom, means I will be able to write as and when new ideas come to me, whether I am in bed on an evening or on the sofa watching telly, and it can travel with me if I know I will have a wi-fi connection because it is so thin and lightweight.

I have downloaded the Bloglovin app which means I can use the device to read and comment on my favourite blogs (such as Buy Now Blog Later as seen below!) which is something I haven't done enough of lately.

I generally think tablets are a great idea and the reviews for the Nexus 7 speak volumes about what a great gadget it is. There's no need to carry a bulky laptop around with you. This fits neatly into my handbag and I love that I can turn it into a mini laptop with the addition of the bluetooth keyboard which also double up as a case to protect the screen.

I hope that being liberated from our computer desk gives my blog a new lease of life and I can finally get round to writing up all the ideas I have stored in my head.

Do you use a tablet to write blog posts or read blogs?

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This blog post is written in association with Argos.

5 good things.


Amidst all the health worries I have had lately, being cold, tired and generally wanting to hibernate, there are lots of good things going on at the moment so I thought one of my 5 good things blog posts was in order!

1. Just under 5 weeks until Christmas! My Christmas shopping is almost done, my cards are made, and wrapping paper is ready and waiting to spring into action. Here's hoping the organisation continues!

2. With the help of my manager and her o2 Priority we managed to bag tickets to McBusted in April! I was a HUGE Busted fan 10 years ago (even though, at 18, I probably should have known better) and have loved McFly since their very first song, so this is all rather exciting for me. The seats are pretty good so I'm rather excited about April (yes, I know it's a long way away!)

3. It's nearly the weekend and with plans to go pottery painting with my friend followed by lunch, then a lot of putting my feet up and keeping warm and cosy indoors, I am rather looking forward to it.

4. With the help of this book I am starting to get my head round my PCOS diagnosis and I feel like I have so much more knowledge just from reading a few chapters. Doctors aren't always very good at explaining such important things to us, are they, so it's nice to have a manual to refer to. The diet chapter is particularly helpful. I can do a full review of the book if anyone feels that would be helpful?

5. This week I had my very first piano lesson. I was really nervous but it went well and I am looking forward to my next one!

I'll leave you with a few photos from our weekend and last week. Do let me know what your 5 good things are!

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X-Stitch (by Sarah Fordham).


I have followed Sarah and her fabulous stitching through her Etsy store and on Instagram for a while now. Her designs are so quirky and fun so go and check out her shop if you haven't already.

Sarah has a book out called X-Stitch which is full of projects to "make a statement". As you will probably know I love to cross stitch and have been doing it for a couple of years now. I also like to collect craft books so this is a welcome addition to my growing collection.

It starts like all good cross stitch books should, with a guide on what equipment you will need to get started and how to cross stitch. Cross stitch is so simple to try. With the minimum of a needle, thread, a scrap of fabric and a sharp pair of scissors you can get started on a small pattern in no time.

I love the ideas pages at the front of the book where you will find different small patterns which can be used individually or put together to make a larger scale project. My favourite has to be the burger, chips and pizza pattern which can be stitched as a border. It would look ace on a birthday card for someone who is partial to a takeaway!

Throughout the book you will find instructions on how to make cross stitched hair bobbles, phone cases, coasters, buttons and even an eye mask, and the patterns range from very simple for beginners to slightly more complicated ideas such as using soluble canvas to stitch onto clothes/shoes.

My favourite pattern is the skull needle case which I will have a go at making next year (once my Christmas crafts are done and dusted) as I am terrible at leaving needles around and loosing them.

X-Stitch by Sarah Fordham (c/o) - buy yours here!

This is a great craft book to keep for yourself or to give as a present. It makes cross stitch current and fun and there are so many ideas for you to use for all manner of projects. The best bit is it's not just limited to making samplers in hoops. Now I just need more hours in the day! :)

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I heart Sundays.


I love Sundays. They're brilliant aren't they?

We drove to Worcester and back yesterday for a family do (on Jonathan's side) so we were pretty tired by the time we got back, late last night. That called for a little sleep-in this morning (as much as Lily and Lola will allow of course!) and a morning of playing on the Wii, watching Big Bang Theory and a few odd jobs. Oh and a huuge brunch washed down with an endless supply of tea!

Today has been the perfect chance to wear a few new casual bits and pieces. My new Rydell High loose fitted vest (c/o Truffle Shuffle), one of my Victoria Secret hoodies, super soft skinny jeans from Miss Selfridge and my new sand coloured Chuck Taylor Converse (c/o Sarenza).

This is one of my many Victoria Secret PINK hoodies. This particular one was a Christmas present last year from my sister's travels to New York but I have a few others bought on my own travels to Vegas and Orlando. Although now we have a store in Meadowhall they don't seem so special (although they were much cheaper! Bonus). 

I'm a huge fan of Truffle Shuffle. I think their t shirts are brilliant, so much so that I already own a couple of them. They're made of such soft material and who can resist t shirts about their favourite movies (The Goonies, Labyrinth, etc). My Rydell High vest is so soft and a great fit (it's a size small). I'll get so much wear out of it especially in the Summer and on holiday tucked into denim shorts.

We're obsessed with Converse in our house. For someone who struggles to find shoes that fit just right, Converse always seem to fit me really well and they go with pretty much anything.

Lola and I had a nice stroll to a new charity shop that opened up down the road (Lily isn't so good on her legs this weekend) and have spent the rest of the day trying to warm up from the chilly outdoors! I do love dressing for cold weather and the countdown to Christmas and all, but cold weather certainly doesn't love me.

My plans for the rest of the evening will involve a little bit of cross stitching, making a big salad for tea, settling down to watch a film or a few episodes of something or other, and snuggling up with L&L under the slanket!

Hope you have had a good weekend folks!

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