Liverpool (part 1).


Last weekend we went to Liverpool and stayed over for a couple of nights. Our trip originally came about after I saw a place called The Hardmans' House which I thought sounded rather amazing and unique so we decided to plan a little road trip around it.

It's always nice to visit new places, especially when they're only a couple of hours drive away, and have a break from our usual weekend goings on.

We had a really great trip. Starting off with our tour at The Hardmans' House we moved on to a spot of lunch and a few hours shopping at the Liverpool One shopping centre. I got a bit carried away on my Christmas shopping at John Lewis even though we have one in Sheffield. Ha!

The rest of our trip involved squeezing in as much as possible and a lot of walking but all in the name of good fun. Other places we visited include The Beatles Story, Museum of Liverpool, Tate Liverpool, and the general Albert Dock area, not to mention we did plenty of refuelling in the form of beer and food, more shopping and general wandering taking in the sights. I could walk round looking at Beatles stuff until the cows come home!

I didn't take many photos but did get a few good snaps from our second day and also round The Hardmans' House (which I will share next time).

I am sure we missed out so much but it's difficult to fit it all in!

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  1. Oh goshh, i love Liverpool! I never commented before but this post need some of my words of adoration to this city! I have been there last January and just only for a day and a half with a non stop snowing but i juat got fascinated. Didnt you go to the cavern? I am in love with the enviroment there. Unluckly i dont live in the UK, but if i did, i would definitely live in Liverpool or travel there very often till i get tired of it haha. Waiting anxious fot the second part! 😊
    Xx, Geraldine.

  2. I had my first visit to liverpool this summer, such a lovely day out. I thought it would be really hard to get about on wheels, but it wasn't to bad x

  3. I love Liverpool. We always find things to do there, the Maritime museum is quite good and it's free! Plus it's a really good night out :)

  4. Ahh my home city <3 I don't often walk around the docks but it's nice to sometimes :) I live where you look over the water! xx

  5. Lovely photos - I'm planning a trip to Liverpool myself, and can't wait!

  6. I haven't been to Liverpool in so long! I do love it, your photos have made me want to go back for a visit soon! x

    The Little Things

  7. Glad you enjoyed Liverpool :) I love that all our museums are free, always makes me sad to have to pay haha.

  8. I've only ever travelled through Liverpool, but it looks as though I definitely need to check it out properly :)

    Hmm maybe...

  9. I've only properly visited Liverpool once and I loved it, need to get back there!

  10. Hi Victoria,

    I love your blog! I just wanted to tell you that! Take care !