5 good things (and an update!)


Erm, hello. I hope you lovely readers are still out there and haven't deserted my blog which, quite frankly, has been well and truly neglected over the past few months. It seems like I've barely had time to go on the computer but every time I do sit down to write something it just doesn't come. Blog writers block if you will. I have basically chained myself to the chair to sit down and spend a little bit of time writing this as I thought it would be nice to share a quick update on where I've been and what has been happening.

So, what has been happening with me over the past few months?

* Last weekend we went to Liverpool for a couple of nights, ate too much, and squabbled all the way home because apparently I am a rubbish driver (I'm not!)

* I'm permanently tired and forever live in hope that I will get 8 hours sleep but can't seem to get to bed for 10pm (it seems so early!)

* I have developed a granola and yoghurt addiction.

* I started a million cross stitch projects and probably won't finish any of them in time for Christmas.

* I started my Christmas shopping....

* but stopped exercising and making healthy food decisions...

* which has resulted in me gaining 3/4 of a stone (oops).

* Last but not least, I was recently diagnosed with PCOS which has been scary and confusing but kind of a relief to find out what has been causing my skin issues and lady problems and possibly the cause of my weight gain. So I guess I am starting a bit of a journey into finding out more about PCOS and hopefully getting treatment for it at some point. I know it affects some of you guys too so any words of wisdom would be great right about now!

Pug snuggles and new magazines / current fave breakfast / new trainers to spur me on (c/o Sarenza)
mahoosive hot chocolate at Costa / Jamie's Italian in Liverpool / "lol"

So some of the above isn't brilliant admittedly and yes I am in a bit of a funk at the moment but I thought that compiling a little list of "5 good things" like I did in the old days would give me some positive things to focus on heading into the weekend.

1) After a busy day at work tomorrow I will be going straight to the hairdressers for a cut and to see to my roots. I do have a mild phobia of trips to the hairdresser but it is nice to sit and read trashy magazines for a couple of hours and watch the world go by.

2) I've got loads of things to share with you - photos from our trip to Liverpool, new clothes, a book review, some beauty posts and a few other bits and pieces, so hopefully my blogging momentum keeps going!

3) My sister is back from the Isle of Man next weekend and we have made shopping and lunch plans.

4) As we don't really watch regular telly but prefer to watch "series" we are having a field day at the moment. We are working our way through The Big Bang Theory from the beginning (currently on series 4) but have also just started the new series of Homeland, American Horror Story, New Girl and The Walking Dead. Oh and not to mention we have started Breaking Bad and are up-to-date with (but eagerly awaiting new episodes of) Suits and Grimm! Ah so that's why I haven't had time to blog ;)

5) Although I dislike dark mornings and dark evenings I do love the cold, crisp air at the moment (when it's not raining) and find it much easier to dress for the colder months. Ugg boots, slouchy jumpers, pretty new coats and Slanket action on the sofa!

Right it's 10pm. I'm off to bed! Oh who am I kidding... :)
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  1. Bless you. At least you know what has been causing your problems, and can hopefully get treatment which will help. And I'm sure you'll lose that weight you've gained easily enough! :)
    I loveeee granola and yoghurt! Especially with greek yoghurt and honey!
    I've just finished watching Breaking Bad, and I have to be honest - I didn't think it was amazing. I feel like I'm in the minority here! I thought it was ok, 4th and 5th seasons were the best...although I do LOVE The Walking Dead :D xx

  2. Hello, nice to see you pop up in my reader again!

    I have PCOS and a few tips I found to help for day to day managing it are to avoid refined carbs and eat lots of veggies, especially green ones! Cutting down on caffeine helps too, though I remember a twitter conversation ages ago when you had cut right down anyway, so hopefully that will have helped!

    Also, friend went gluten free and found it really helped too, but that's a big challenge!

    Also, originallyI was told it could be hard to have babies without medical intervention (worst case scenario, and not meant to scare you!) but we managed just fine and now have a beautiful baby, as do many people I know with PCOS, so don't even think about worrying about that until you need to!

    Good luck, if have any more questions feel free to tweet me, and I look forward to your Liverpool snaps, I've only been once but I loved it!

    Lauren | Belle du Brighton x

  3. I've been diagnosed with PCOS, either that or endometriosis. They weren't sure which (helpful). But going on the pill seems to have sorted things out. Other than that the doctors didn't seem to have much of a solution.
    Hope it all gets sorted.
    Hattie x

  4. Great to see back love you blog post. I also have PCOS and have being dealing with for year have a look on my blog to see how I have dealt with it http://thefureyfollies.blogspot.ie/
    The more info you get on it the less scary it gets.
    Take care

  5. Christmas shopping already? Bananas! But I'm glad you're back. I just love your blog!!

  6. Hi, Victoria!
    I recently found out that I have PCOS as well. Actually, only 2 weeks ago. I always suffered horrible cramps and it was a relief to know where they came from. Also, it explains a lot of other issues I had. My doctor decided to run some more tests to make sure it is not something worst (and that I won't have problems having children in the future - I really don't know the name of this disease in english but you probably know what im talking about) and recommended me a new pill to control my hormones.

    Anyway, It's going to be ok! It's a really common thing, actually!


  7. Nice to see a post from you lovely, yoghurt and granola is amazing =)


  8. Crikey, I don't usually get home, let alone to bed by, 10pm!
    I couldn't cope with all of those series' going, I prefer to concentrate on one at a time otherwise I forget who's who or what's going on, I'm hopeless.

  9. Love these updates, with you on the slip in exercise, checked in at the gym to find I'd not been for a month. Oops!

  10. I'm trying to get in a few more early nights as well - but 10pm does see SO early..

    Dark mornings are the only thing I dislike about winter - everything else about it is great


    A Tuesday's Child

  11. Don't worry, everyone has days/weeks/months like these sometimes where you just don't stop :)

    Hmm maybe...

  12. In bed at 10pm you crrrraaaazy lady! I too am a pcos and endo sufferer (strange bonding topic for me and lauren up there actually^ ). I dont know if you saw my tweets ( my signal is terrible ) but :

    1) assess your birth control, the pill was exacerbating my problems since coming off of it everything's been 80% better.

    2) be little miss healthy, normally they say lose weight and it clears up ( again worked for me) but you're tiny already so perhaps not. Healthy eating DOES help though and so does staying active. There is evidence for low carbing helping things, but this is debatable it's all to do with insulin so if you eat a similar diet to a diabetic you should be fine - healthy and naughty things in moderation :)

    3) go to EVERY scan, I missed one turned out a cyst had grew big time and then popped. My cousin has it too and one of hers grew to melon size and she had to have emergency surgery.

    4) hot water bottles on the lower back.

    5) lots of pain killers ( any doctor who says PCOS doesnt hurt is LYING).

    6) Some people find metformin useful if they start to gain weight. Again debatable, as much evidence supports this as it does condemn it, discuss it with your doctor but you've not struggled with weight loss before so you should be fine (just FYI, I'm personally against it).

    7) i dont like even numbers, you're welcome to tweet / email me whenever you like. I've had endless scans and operations on my troublesom twosome and yeah like lauren said every lady I know with PCOS has still had babies.


  13. Just catching up on your blog Victoria! I recently had tests for PCOS myself (so can completely relate!) & my main worry was future babies (don't know if this is a particular worry for you though). But LOADS of my friends have it & not one has had any problems in that department. One even had two 'unplanned' really close together. A GI diet is recommended & I've started taking Agnus Castus (this has really helped with my skin). It really is SO common so I hope this helps. xxx